Could You Rawk a Tricycle Like This?

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  1. That guy is nuts. Or more to the point, that guy could lose his nuts.

  2. I was cussing for the guy through the entire flip until he hit and then decided that he was cussing enough as it was and didn’t need my help. 😯

  3. OMG – my husband was a daredevil as a child (and still is). I shudder at the thought of what my boys will try…..probably along the lines of something like this.

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  4. I love that it’s pink. He picked a pink tricycle for his stunt. That is awesome.

    Amys last blog post..Dear 2009

  5. Coffee came out of the nose upon seeing this video. It hurt, but not nearly as bad as I imagine that landing did.

    I also think the pinkness of the tricycle adds some panache to the stunt.

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