When Do I Take It Out?

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I bring you an interesting question today.

When are you [meaning me] too old for an eyebrow ring?

I’ve had mine since I was 18 and now, almost ten years later, I’m still wearing it.

When I worked at Mayo Clinic, I would remove the barbell for work but put it back in on the weekends. If I had continued on the medical path then I figure this wouldn’t even be a thought in my pointed little head. I probably would have quit wearing it and that would have been that.

But, I have a job that only requires that I have Internet access and the ability to type. Hell, I don’t even have to wear clothes if I don’t want to. [But I do…just in case you were wondering.]

I’ve never been the piercing “type”. And, though I have a tattoo, I don’ t plan on covering my body with them. I might get another at some point but my tattoo is on my back and my next tattoo would have to be just as easy to cover. I got both my piercing and my tattoo just because I liked them. Unfortunately, they put me into a group and I definitely fit into more than one group.

So, I find myself at an impasse.

I like my eyebrow ring. I don’t want to take it out. I’m not forced to take it out because of a job and Tucker is just fine with it.

At what point does someone “grow out” of an eyebrow ring?


  1. I think you can do whatever you want for as long as you want.

    Since I’m creeping up on 30, I have removed all but one pair of my piercings. I just felt like it wasn’t me any more.

  2. I agree with Corrin. There is no “too old” in regards to these things. Leave it in for as long as you’re comfortable with and take it out when you don’t care for it any more.

  3. I also agree. When you feel like it isn’t fun to wear it, then take it out.

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Girls Day out.

  4. Jennifer Walker says:

    I would still like to have my belly button ring in, but after 3 pregnancies, my poor navel isn’t as cute as it used to be. But if child bearing hadn’t affected it, I would still wear it.

  5. i agree that one shouyld freely wear whatever piercings as long as they are comfortable with them. of course some career paths might preclude some piercings. i am in the healthcare field and do have direct patient contact.. i also have a number of colleagues who make no attempt to hide some piercings or even ink. of course they are such that are becoming more acceptable or tolerable in mainstream. my piercings are personal aand mostly hidden as are most of my ink so i dont consider too much and as a 47 yr old mom of 5 and grandmom of 1 i dont feel i am too old to continue to wear what i have because they are a part of who i am.

  6. Never. 😎

    As long as you are happy with the way you look, you shouldn’t let societal pressure to conform force you to “grow up.”

    Who ever came up with these rules, anyway, and what gave them the right to invent such binding decrees?



    P.S. I’m not being sarcastic. I promise. No, really–I didn’t have anything tattoo or piercing-wise done when I was a teen because I wanted to wait and make sure I was making that decision for the right reasons and not because I was trying to “fit in” or seem independently rebellious. Oh, and, I’m not just a random, drive-by stalker who felt the need to write a blog post in your comments section…we’re friends on Twitter (www.twitter.com/AJae). ❗

    Alison Jerabek (AJae)s last blog post..You? A Republican?

  7. Jennifer says:

    Never. I don’t know what the cultural norms are in Arkansas but around these parts you can be pierced, tattooed, etc. in any field at any age and it’s perfectly normal. You’re a little young to be worried about being too old for something!!! Take it out when you’re over it.

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