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I hate job hunting.

HATE it.

When I was in high school and college, I would always take the first job that was offered to me just so I wouldn’t have to fill out anymore of those damn applications. It’s a depressing, monotonous process that sucks my soul dry.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day sitting on the couch and putting in resumes and applications for Tucker. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I put in over 50.

Add to that the fact that Tucker is currently at the Unemployment Office trying to get an extension on his unemployment “insurance” and you have a grim, grim mood in our house today.

We’ve managed to keep things upbeat and to keep our “eyes on the prize” if you will but seriously?! This has drug on for so long now and it’s just getting old. Like old drug behind a truck for about five miles and then beaten with a big stick studded with nails.

Yeah. That old.

In “our” job search, I have come across so many scams that prey on desperate job seekers.

There’s the “WORK AT HOME!!! NO MONEY DOWN!!! SET YOUR OWN HOURS!!!” scam where you have to fill-out an insanely long form that includes just about every little bit of information known to man [including your social security number]. Or, there’s the “deal” that I’ve noticed on some job boards where you can upgrade your profile so that employers are more likely to see your resume.

I get that these companies are offering a service and I’m all for the idea that if a market can support a product then it should be offered. However, I saw a “discounted” offer where I could upgrade Tucker’s resume for the low-low price of $200 and I threw up a little in my mouth.

I wish that we had the extra $200 bucks to toss at his resume but with no guaranteed return, that’s just not something that we’re willing to do right now.

I just keep telling myself [and Tucker when he gets down] that we WILL find him a job eventually. It’s a numbers game and with as many resumes and applications as we’ve both put in for him…well…something’s bound to happen.

Hopefully sooner than later.


  1. oh hon, I am so sorry. This economy stinks and I really hope that things pick up and Tucker can find a job soon.

    big squishy ((((hugs)))

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Wordless Wednesday- A girl and her mother

  2. How frustrating! I’m glad you’re able to recognize the scams, and I”m sure with your determination that something will come up. Best of luck to you and yours, and I’ll be thinking of you!

    Mary@Everyday Baby Stepss last blog post..My Picks From the 22 Best Sephora Beauty Buys

  3. I know how annoying it is when people say “They know how you feel” or any other crappy try at making you feel better, but I just have to say – I actually know how you feel. My significant other lost his job and was out of work for almost 6 months. I tried to cover as much of the bills as possible with my income, but it wasn’t enough and we’ve had to put a lot of charges on the credit card I was so proud to pay off 9 months ago. And it strained our relationship a little, and made us work through a lot of things. But he finally just found a job and is happy and working and we are happy and working again. It’s tough and frustrating and scary – I know. But from what you said, Tucker is a smart guy and you just have to believe that the right opportunity will appear soon. Good luck, I”m rooting for him.

    Heathers last blog post..Update on Dr. Joe

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