Do You Let Your Child Bathe Alone?

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I was on a mothering forum that I’m a member of and one of the other members posted a poll asking if anyone lets their kids [2 years old and older] bathe without the parents in the bathroom.

Most people responded that they would never leave their kids alone in the tub.

This is what I had to say. I’m just going to copy and paste it since it’s stupid to rewrite what I said when I’ve already said it.

We let Cara play by herself.

She freaks out when water is in her ears so the water is probably about three inches deep so when she lays down it doesn’t get in those black holes in her head.

She gets her Crayola bath markers [which ROCK if you haven’t tried them] and I usually either sit in our living room with Ollie or am in her room getting her clothes ready for bed.

That being said, our apartment is maybe 900 square feet and her bathroom is right off of our living room. There are some nights when she demands, “MOMMY WATCH ME PLAY!!!” and some nights when she wants me out of the bathroom. She’s also a very loud bather and I call to her and check on her every few minutes.

I think it’s all about what you’re comfortable with as a parent. Only you know your kid. We haven’t had any near misses with Cara and she always keeps her bottom in the tub so that’s what works for us.

There were two pages worth of replies to this poll so obviously it’s something that people think/talk about. So, I wanted to bring it here to continue the discussion.

Do you let your child play in the bathtub while you’re not in the bathroom?

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  1. Claudia says:

    I agree with you. As long as you’re checking on them every few minutes, I don’t see anything wrong with them bathing alone. You said it best when you said “Only you know your kid.”

  2. Leanne says:

    My daughter is 4 and she showers now rather than bathing, but yeah her bathroom is right off her bedroom so I tend to be in there tiding up or getting her clothes ready. Likes your’s she’s a noisy bather.

  3. I do let my son bathe alone for short periods of time. He is 2 and likes to have “his time” to play without me doing anything. I normally get his clothes togther, my lunch or change out the laundry. All of this is close to the bathroom and anytime it gets quiet I take a peak in. Like the others here he is loud in the tub!

  4. My boys generally bathe together & since the youngest was about 2 and a half we’ve left them to get on with it after they’ve been washed. Sometimes they want someone to be in there with them but most of the time they are happy to just play together. Their bathroom is practically in the center of the house, it has an echo and they are loud. You really can’t be anywhere in the house and not hear them. Mostly I clean the kitchen & check on them every few minutes.

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  5. My boys are 9 and almost 4 and often bathe or shower together. From the time they were about 2 1/2, we have let them play in the tub by themselves. They, too, are noisy bathers and are usually constantly talking to us while we’re out of the room. We can hear them from our entire downstairs and have always felt confident that they are safe. We have “rules” in place for the tub like “stay seated” and “always answer when we call your name”, and they have both abided by those rules. The worst we deal with is a wet mess on occasion…water on the ceiling, tub crayon on the wall, etc. “Only you know your kid”, is a good rule of thumb.

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  6. I usually wash The Boy down, and then let him play while I wash my face, take out my contacts, take the time to pee, brush my teeth (in case I might “lucky”), throw his dirty clothes in the hamper, search for clean PJs, grab a cup of milk, locate “Goodnight Moon”, etc…

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