Baby Tries to Remove Eye:Parents think that Sucks

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Oliver tried to take out his left eye today. Well…not really.

He was up a lot last night and when he finally decided this morning to get up for good I decided to stay in bed and enjoy the almost forgotten feeling of NOT being used as a human pacifier. Tucker took the laughing child into the living room and let me sleep.

Sometime around 7:30, I was snatched from my dreams by the sound of Oliver screaming in that “voice” that only comes when he’s very, very hurt. I stumbled into the living room to find Oliver clutched to Tucker’s chest and Oliver inconsolable. Tucker quickly explained that Oliver had been playing with Cara’s tricycle [don’t tell her] and had fallen and scraped his face on the textured wall.

Well, no wonder the canned ham was squalling like a smashed cat.

Ollie saw me and started babbling, “ma, ma, ma” so I grabbed him up and hugged him and basically just tried to calm him down.

That’s when Tucker saw [through the blood] that poor Oliver was missing a chunk of eyelashes. My poor, poor Sunshine Boy [who used to have long, black lashes] was now the proud owner of a gapped up left eye.

Tucker examined the suspected wall and noticed that the door stopper had actually been the culprit.

By this time, Oliver was smiling and trying to rub his eye [since it probably hurt like a bitch] and we weighed the benefits of taking him to the ER or hanging out until Ollie’s pediatrician’s office opened at 8am.

Since Oliver was in such a good mood [despite the bloody eye] we chose to wait until the office opened.

His eye is fine [except for the missing eyelashes and nasty swelling] and we were given an antibiotic to put in his eye.

Fun, fun times in this house, let me tell ya.

After we got back from the pediatrician’s office, Tucker had to go to his job interview.

I dosed Ollie with Motrin and he quickly fell asleep on my lap. An hour and a half later, Tucker walked in with a goofy grin on his face.

Yes, the interview had been stupid and yes, he would be EXTREMELY underpaid. But, that wasn’t why he was smiling.

While he had been in his interview, a military contracting company had called and left him a message about a resume that Tucker had put in with them. Even though we’re not in their area [they usually only hire within they’re area] Tucker managed to express just how much he wanted the job and the guy is supposed to call Tucker back next week to do a phone interview.


The Oliver-eye-thing sucked major ass but he’s gonna live [and hopefully regrow some of those missing eyelashes] and Tucker has another interview next week.

Who knew that a day that started out so poorly could turn into such a decent day?

And, since I know you want to see them, pictures of Oliver’s eye:

Oliver Holding onto Cara's Pink Tricycle

Oliver Laying on the Boppy Smiling


  1. Poor bebe. 🙁

    But YEAH for the interview!

  2. Claudia says:

    Aww he’s still adorable! I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious. He’s a strong boy and will heal soon.
    Good luck to Tucker on that phone interview!

  3. OWies!!!! Ollie, cripes, dude, be more careful!

    All prayers coming your way for the job. *crosses everything*


  1. twincident says:

    EWWWWW – RT @Tastelikecrazy New blog post: Baby Tries to Remove Eye:Parents think that Sucks http://tinyurl.com/cqrwl3

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