Get a Convertible Car Seat and Save Some Cash

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My child turned 7 months yesterday. He had his six month check-up today. I know…confusing. We managed to get a month behind on his well baby check-ups because of an insurance issue a couple of months ago but it’s all good in the hood now.

Ollie is a hair shy of 21 pounds and almost 28 inches.

That means that he’s consistently wearing 12 mo stuff and, he’s in a new car seat since he’s exceeded the length on his infant carrier.

If you think about the whole concept of an infant carrier for very long, you soon realize that they are a waste of cash.

Why spend the money on a car seat that’s only going to last for maybe up to a year when you can buy a convertible that goes from 5 pound to 100 pounds? We got our [meaning Cara and Ollie’s] infant carrier when Cara was still in mah belly. I had it in my head that “you should never wake a sleeping baby” and everyone I had ever known who had a baby ALWAYS got an infant carrier.

Tucker fought the good fight and tried to make me understand that an infant carrier was just throwing money away but I was pregnant and therefore right.

Cara was born and from day one HATED her car seat. My happy dreams of a baby who would instantly fall into a deep slumber the second the sweet thing was strapped in quickly flew out the window. The worst part of any trip with Cara was the time that she spent in that car seat. Even though she was a shrimp and no where close to outgrowing her car seat, we got her a convertible seat and retired her infant carrier for the next baby. Hell, the infant carrier only got maybe eight months of use anyway and looked brand new.

Then, Ollie came along.

He slept. A lot.

He was that baby I had in my head when I bought Cara’s infant carrier. The only problem was that Oliver was 9 lbs when he was born and the infant carrier weighs about twenty pounds. As he’s grown-and grown heavier-carrying him around in that thing was a pain in the ass [and the shoulder].

Since we got two babies worth of use out of the infant carrier, I guess it wasn’t such a waste of money. BUT, I still think that everyone should just go ahead and get a convertible car seat. Sure the infant seats come in cute patterns and snap into those ugly ass travel systems but get a sling or mei-tai or get a good stroller that has a squishy baby insert. They’re out there and they rock.

Also, you won’t have to have a second child to make the infant carrier pay for itself.


  1. I had a very long baby who grew out of his infant seat by 6 months and my daughter seems to be heading that way too – at first I thought the same, that it’s expensive and crazy BUT I will say that the convenience of a bucket/infant seat has been worth the $$. When they are sleeping and we just plunk them in the stroller, the sanity is worth it 😉

    However, both my babes are great travellers and do well in the car seat – so I do understand the frustration if they don’t like it.

    Rebecca – @bitofmomsenses last blog post..Help me organize!

  2. We got one of the convertible seats when I was pregnant with my first for the reason you write about here. It seemed silly to me to have the infant carrier when you could get more bang for your buck with the convertible seat. When we left the hospital with him, the nurses acted like we were strapping him to the roof. “Why didn’t you get one of the infant carrier seats? Those are so much better for these little guys.” He weighed almost 9 pounds! We persevered with our seat, however, and he’s a healthy 9 year old with no visible scars for never having been in a infant carrier. With our youngest, someone passed on an infant carrier on to us and I’m actually glad they did. He was smaller and had less head control, I don’t think he would have fared well in a convertible seat. So, uh, that was my long way around saying that I agree with you.

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