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This is one of those posts that I care about and don’t expect you to care about. However, I still expect you to read it.

If you routinely read my site in Internet Explorer, first off STOP THAT and start reading my site with Fire Fox or Safari. It annoys me that I have test my site over several different versions of several different browsers. If you all would just use the same damn browser then my life would get exponentially easier.

If you’re using Internet Explorer [barf] then you’ve noticed that comments haven’t been visible to you. I wasn’t purposefully discriminating against you…that was just a pleasant side effect.  😉 Comments are back for everyone-though they are ugly again; I’ll fix that tonight. Cara’s spending the night with my mom so hopefully I’ll have a bit more free time.

We’re still waiting on a Letter of Intent from the people who hired Tucker. Actually, I guess they haven’t technically hired Tucker since he hasn’t signed a contract. This is me trying VERY hard to not be nervous about the lack of a signed contract. This is me trying to stay positive about the move and house hunting. This is also me who is hoping that our pre-approval goes through but I’m doubting that’s gonna happen if we don’t get that Letter of Intent very, very, very soon. Blarg!

On a positive note, [yet totally irrelevant note if we don’t get pre-approved for a mortgage] I found a rock star agent who emailed a TON [ok…like ten] of cute houses. None of the houses were on any of the websites I had been searching which shows the value of having a buyer’s agent on your side.

Of course I have pictures. 🙂

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