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If you “read me” very often then you already know that I write for b5media about video games and liquor.

I don’t know if you go to my other sites or not and since I don’t know where you go after you hang around here, I figured that I would provide a link to what I wrote today on EveryJoe.com.

The long and short of it is that a developer [the site has been pulled] created a “game” for the iPhone and iPod Touch that basically lets you shake a baby to death. I wish that I was joking, but I’m not.

Chances are good that you’ll wake up tomorrow and hear all about it on the Today Show and wherever it is that you get your news.

I felt the need to mince words on my “work” site but have no such self-imposed censors here.

This app is/was 100% fucking evil. There are no two ways around it.

With all of the people who are dealing with having dead babies right now, who the hell thinks this shit is funny? If you think this is even mildly humorous, don’t tell me. I don’t usually moderate comments but this time I will.

Don’t fucking tell me about how it’s the developer’s right to make this crap. Don’t tell me how it’s all in fun. Because, in the end if it were in real life, you’d have a DEAD BABY. DEAD, motherfuckers. End of story. No restart. No redo. DEAD.

I saw a tweet earlier calling for outcry about the LACK of outcry over Apple pulling the app and how that will make developers go open source. Great! Go open source if the crap you’re putting out is this kind of crap!

I know. Your eyes are crossing because I’m talking about open source and all this crap but bear with me.

Apple doesn’t need this type of publicity. Its publicity machine does a damn fine job promoting itself and this kind of crap is only going to hurt it.

Honestly though, who the fuck cares about Apple other than Apple and people who write about technology [like myself]? All you care about is that some dipshit made a crap game where the goal is to kill a kid.

You sick, sick people.

I know I’ve made my point but I’ve had so much pent up anger over this bullshit that I had to let it out and this is where it gets “let out”.

Like I said earlier, the developer’s site is down and the app is no longer available for US download.

Hold your babies tight tonight, folks. Know that there are people out there who find this entertaining and hope that they NEVER have kids.


  1. Seriously? WTF is Apple thinking allowing this? I have no words.

  2. It’s been pulled but I figure it’s still available outside of the US. 👿

  3. Who in their right mind thought that this was a good idea? Not only is it sick and wrong, but it’s a total PR nightmare at best. They brought this shitstorm on themselves. (Now I hold my breath and wait for a criminal defense lawyer to use Baby Shaker as a scapegoat in a child abuse/death case.)

  4. Love it … helluv a post and glad to have met you!

    KRAPPSs last blog post..Shake Baby Until It Dies Update

  5. This is just disgusting. I can’t believe that someone would think that that type of game would be humorous in any way. Freaking sickos. I’m with Amy-I am sure that someone will try to use it as a defense somewhere along the line. UGH!

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Wordless Wednesday-The ‘I do’ edition

  6. george from buffalo ny says:

    its not a real baby omg fucking shut up
    how many people go out and shoot people because of video games?…..None!
    how many people go out a shoot cops because of video games?……..None!
    id love to have that app
    does it mean i want to shake real babys?…….NOO!

    • Well, that’s just not very nice.

      I’m pretty sure that I realize that the cute baby pictures aren’t real babies just like I realize that the Super Mutants whose heads I blow off while playing Fallout 3 aren’t real Super Mutants. But, thanks for pointing out the FUCKING OBVIOUS.

      The roundabout point was that the people who find this kind of garbage entertainment have at least one or two screws loose. Case in point.

      And, while some may consider this the pot calling the kettle black, I readily admit that I’m not exactly sane. However, I don’t find entertainment in shaking virtual babies to death. There’s a distinction somewhere in there.

  7. HUGE distinction between war games, blowing up aliens, and shaking babies.

    People are tasteless. Except when they taste like crazy.

    Ohhhh… that was so unfunny.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]s last blog post..Wordless: 4.22.9 – THOSE EYES Edition

  8. george from buffalo ny says:

    oh my lord
    no who wants this app is going to shake a real baby because they have played it
    bottom line

    • You misunderstand. I’m not saying the game will make them shake a baby to death. I’m saying someone who is fucked up enough to enjoy the game is screwed up to begin with.

  9. Seriously? I’m …err…..I don’t get it. Who would make something like that?

    Also..to the George person/thing that commented …..I sure would love to give you a not so virtual shake…. Sick bastard

    Not So Average Mamas last blog post..The “Good Kids” That Are Bad

  10. ok there screwed up im screwed up ok so what? someone having this effects you how?
    hey mama lets keep it nice now no need to be mean
    i could say “i got something you can shake” but im not because im a nice person

    • You made me laugh with the “i got something you can shake” comment.

      OK. So maybe you’re a nice guy who has really fucked up tastes in entertainment. Those tastes don’t directly affect me but I still think that the app is in VERY bad taste.

      If you just have to have the app then you might check an app store outside of the US. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I’ll continue to not like the idea of the app and you continue to not shake babies and we’ll call it a draw.


  11. Hey now..that was ME being nice… if you want to see “not so nice”….talk to me when I’m pregnant, medicated and all, it’s just not safe.

    Not So Average Mamas last blog post..The “Good Kids” That Are Bad

  12. Fair nuff to you amy…for now rite 😎 r u the amy the made this blog?
    um mama…pregnant and unmedicated you win,big time
    but if you have meds in you ill take my chances waving my finger in your face and pulling back just before you bite if off 😛

    im just upset because a few people dictated whats rite 4 me 2 have
    itunes can sell rated R and X stuff but i cant have this come on

  13. Jennifer Walker says:

    I think I am going to be throw up… Maybe this guy should go to the morgue and see what a baby that has been shaken to death looks like.



  1. KRAPPS.com says:

    solid Baby Shaker articles by @Tastelikecrazy over at Every Joe –> http://is.gd/u13n & her personal blog –> http://is.gd/u13Q

  2. KRAPPS.com says:

    solid Baby Shaker articles by @Tastelikecrazy over at Every Joe –> http://is.gd/u13n & her personal blog –> http://is.gd/u13Q

  3. Amy Tucker says:

    @KRAPPS You see the most recent comment on my site? Funny shiz. http://tastelikecrazy.com/2009/04/22/where-i-rant-about-baby-shaker/

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