Tucker Starts his Job Monday

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Tucker’s taking a shower right now. He has to go get his hair cut since he starts his job on Monday.

That’s right. Monday. As in the day after the end of this weekend.

Good thing we’re going to Alabama this weekend to look at houses.

To top it all off, Tucker has to go to Drill next weekend so he’ll be gone all next week and the next weekend. Did I mention that I’m going to be thrust into having both kids by myself. You have to understand that Tucker hasn’t had a job since we moved here a year ago. He’s always been here when I needed him and this is going to be like when he went to boot camp except now I’m gonna have two kids, a dog, a cat, and a snake to deal with.

Not to mention the fact that we [hopefully Tucker] have to give notice here and find a house THERE. Then there’s the issue of packing everything up and actually moving it all into the house [that we haven’t found yet] in Alabama.

Just thought of this little gem: How’s he going to get to work on Monday? We’re taking my SUV tomorrow when we got to Alabama. Does that mean that now he’s driving his car and we’re taking two vehicles?  ARG! If that’s the case then he can put Cara in his car. There’s no reason I should have to drive with both kids.

While I am 100% grateful and excited that Tucker has this job but I am freakin’ the hell out with all of the loose ends.

Hold me?


  1. (((((hugs)))) if you need an ear I am here. I rocked the single mom stuff when hubby was in the Navy. Gave birth to Giggles while he was in bootcamp (she was waaaaay overdue) and he left on deployment when The Chicken was 2 weeks old and was gone about 285 days a year.

    Seriously. If you want my cell # email me.

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Wordless Wednesday-The ‘I do’ edition

  2. Tell Tucker not to sweat the small shit. It will all work its way out in the end.

    ShredderFeeders last blog post..Betrayal…

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