The Hermit is Leaving the House

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If you’ve read me for very long [that sounds a bit pretentious but you know what I mean] then you know that I’m a bit of a hermit. I’m perfectly fine staying home with the kids until Tucker comes home and then we all go out together. Truth be told, Tucker is a bit of a buffer for me against the scary, scary new people out there.

Tomorrow, Ollie and I are venturing out to meet a group of breastfeeding moms who I have never met. This is scary shit for me!

I’m good with a couple of people but when the numbers start rising, so does my anxiety level. I guess Ollie will be serving as my buffer since I’ll be wearing him. He’s a bit more jovial than Tucker so maybe Ollie will help me make friends.

Think kind, supportive thoughts tomorrow for me. I’ll need them.