What Would You Like To See?

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Did you ever have a boyfriend who you just kept coming back to no matter what they did or how much you didn’t want to come back?

That’s how I feel about this site.

OK. Maybe that’s not fair.

I started this website as an extension of a message board journal. The journal was decently read and I figured that I might as well start a blog since I had gotten questions as to whether I had one.

I suppose that I’m classified as a “mommy blogger” but I hate that term. It’s not that I hate “mommy bloggers” or that I don’t LOVE the community that surrounds it BUT, I don’t like being put into a box. I’m a kickass horse back riding, PS3 gaming, booze drinking, somewhat crazy woman who reads too much and seems to lack an internal filter.

But, I’m a good mom and I’m a work from home mom so most of my life is centered around my children. I love my kids; they love me [though Cara did tell me today “I NO LIKE YOU ANYMORE!!!”]. They’re clean, fed, clothed and nurtured but there is more to me than that.

The blogging world likes to put you in neat, easily defined categories.

Any blog directory that you become a part of asks you what category your site fits the best in. Mine is “parenting”. And there in lies the issue.

Some days, the best I can come up with is “My kids are driving my bat shit crazy and they both have ear infections and Tucker is being an ass and I don’t want to cook and all I really want to do is read a good book”. Three weeks of that does not a good blog make.

Then, there’s the whole issue of product reviews.

Most of you don’t know, or care, about the hoopla that has been happening with the internet and whether product reviews should be included in with your blog or a blog unto themselves.

Some say that there is greater worth [to the reader and the companies] when the reviews are included in the regular blog. Others say that you are duping your readers by including reviews in with a personal blog and that reviews should only live on a separate review site.

I think review blogs are boring. Also, most review sites don’t get very many page views and therefore are pretty worthless from a marketing standpoint.

I don’t want to alienate you guys. I started this for me but now realize that there are a bunch of you who read this drivel and if you guys get pissed off then it would make me sad. I would still write here but I would be sad to have lost you as a reader.

SO. Knowing that I give my [very] honest opinion when I review a product and I only accept products that I find interesting, would you rather they be interspersed in with my site or would you rather they be on their own site?

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this since they will definitely help me make my decision.

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