Toddler NO LIKES Pediatrician

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This past week has been filled with phone calls back to Cara and Ollie’s pediatrician in Arkansas.

For what seems like an eternity [but it’s really only been about a month], they’ve both had ear infections and they both have been acting like the infections were back.

The new pediatrician’s office here in Alabama refused to see the kids without ALL of their medical records. I understand that and completely agree with it. But [cause there’s always a but] my kids were acting like their ears were going to fall off and I didn’t want to have to take them back to Urgent Care. The new clinic had to get ALL of Cara and Ollie’s records in and then a nurse had to go over the records to make sure that nothing was missing. Then, the office would contact me within two to three weeks to schedule an appointment.

That wasn’t going to work.

I wheeled and dealed and got everything faxed at light speed and managed to secure an appointment for Cara yesterday. I knew that things were going to be “interesting” when Cara started saying, “I no like that guy” before we had even left the house.

Cara was in tears by the time I got her strapped in her car seat and kept repeating over and over, “I NO LIKE THAT NEW DOCTOR”. Ugg.

We got to the office and Cara made sure that everyone who spoke to her knew that she didn’t like the new doctor. She even did a marvelous job of inunciating his very German name and the office staff was in hysterics. Apparently Cara was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

We saw the doctor-who is no Dr. Sneed but is adequate-and though Cara has some fluid going on, she doesn’t have a new ear infection.

I tied Ollie back in my Baby Hawk and Cara led the way to check-out.

When we got to the counter, a women I had never met-the “check-out” lady-asked Cara, “Who do you not like?” Like the character that my daughter is, she replied, “I NO LIKE DR. VAN CLEAVE!!!”. The lady chuckled and another office worker came up behind her and asked if Cara had told her who she didn’t like. They exchanged glances and I carted to kids toward the exit.

Then, I remembered that I needed to schedule Ollie’s 9 month appointment.

I stopped at the appointment desk and Cara’s entourage had swelled to around 6 office staff. The appointment woman also asked who Cara didn’t like and Cara got a very serious look on her face and told her waiting fans, “I NO like Dr. Van Cleave.”. The appointment clerk said under her breath, “Welcome to our world”.

Totally unprofessional but it totally left me wondering just what I’m getting myself into with this new doctor. At our last pediatrician, the office staff fell all over themselves to please Dr. Sneed. Now, I’m left with the distinct impression that Dr. Van Cleave is NOT a favorite of his staff. That could mean one of two things: #1 He rocks so damn much and demands so much of his staff that they resent him and his high expectations or #2 he’s an ass and the staff hates him because of it.

As long as he doesn’t treat me like an idiot and he gives my kids good care, I don’t care.

Maybe next time, Cara won’t hide her face when she sees him.