A Quickie

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Here it is almost 9 o’clock and I haven’t packed a single thing.

Actually, as I type this, some of Cara’s clothes and her Hello Kitty! towel are drying so that I don’t ruin her little two year old day tomorrow.

We’re heading back to Arkansas for my mom’s family reunion so that means about five hours in the car with both kids by myself-and Wow Wow Wubzy. As long as that keeps playing, we [meaning I] should be good.

I’ve gotten a hotel room so that if things get too “intense” this weekend then I can hide with some free WiFI and cable.

Like I said, this is a quickie since I still have work left to be done and a cat’s litter box to change out and packing and directions to get and sleep to find at some point tonight.

Have a great Friday tomorrow, y’all and think about me driving down the interstate while I try to ignore the two crumb grabbers in the backseat.

Oh. And Oliver has decided that he needs to start walking. Someone hold me.



  1. Kelly says:

    Hey, I might be able to come visit you guys soon. My time in the Navy is through. I’d like to see you guys again and finally meet your two little ones.

  2. Dude! Walking!? Lex isn’t even thinking about walking and she’s MONTHS older than Ollie. I feel ya on the Wubbzy-watching-crumb-catchers in the back seat for long drives. *sigh* That’s us in the not too distant future!

    I hope you have a fab weekend with the family, though.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New blog post: A Quickie http://bit.ly/MrZTK

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