20/20 and Bloody Marry

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Am I the only one who doesn’t trust the mirrors in dressing rooms?20-20

Call me paranoid but I blame a misspent youth and way too much 20/20.

Every other weekend I was supposed to go with my dad for “his” weekend. More times than not, those weekends didn’t happen or were spent with my father’s extended family.When Dad did manage to make room in his oh so busy schedule for me, my time was spent in front of the television at Dad’s mother’s house.

My grandma lives in the sticks.

Over 200 acres surround her house and it’s just been in the past five years or so that Grandma has gotten cable. Before that it was the local ABC and PBS affiliates. Because of that, I have very, very fond memories of Wild Kingdom, Newton’s Apple and The Victory Garden.

I also saw my fair share of 20/20 and their “hardhitting’ investigations into things that most people had no idea were even a possibility. Case in point: the shocking number of surveillance cameras behind mirrors in changing rooms and creeps who put cameras in hotel room ventilation grates.

If I saw one of those now, I’d probably shake my head at it and question the legality of the dressing room cameras. But, I watched those shows when I was about seven or eight so of course I can’t go into a dressing room without trying to look between the wall and the mirror. It’s kind of like when my cousin told me that you have to hold your breath when you drive by a cemetery or you’ll be the next person to die. Or the hold your breath while you’re going over a bridge thing…I don’t remember the consequence of that one but I’m sure it probably involved death as well.

The POINT is that for some reason I was apparently a very gullible little sponge when I was little and have been holding my breath while going past cemeteries and over bridges and checking out AC grills and mirrors for my entire life out of habit all because of stuff I saw when I was little. How crazy is that? I also WILL NOT look in a mirror if it’s dark in the room because of every third graders favorite school bathroom and sleepover activity-Bloody Mary. Nope. Won’t do it. You can’t make me.

This whole thing came about when I found myself looking just a bit too long at the AC vents in my hotel room this weekend and wondering to myself [out loud] why I was looking at the grates. Took me a second to remember why I do it since it’s become such a habit but once I realized why I’ve been doing it, I felt a tad bit foolish. OK. A lot foolish but I can almost guarantee that I’ll keep doing it.

Double checking those mirrors and AC vents has prevented me from staring in my own 20/20 special so who am I to mess with a good thing?

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  1. Alana says:

    To this day, I will run screaming in absolute terror if anyone in the room with me looks into the mirror and utters “Bloody Mary…”

    I also saw the 20/20 about dressing room mirrors, but I never worried too much about it because I never had boobs (or any other curves to speak of) so I figured they’d just fast forward through my parts 😉

  2. I saw that 20/20 about the dressing room mirrors too. I still change with my back to the mirror so the only thing they see is my butt!

    Thanks for the reality check. (Not that I’ll change my habit, but at least you reminded me that I’m an adult, for pete’s sake.)

    Earth Muffins last blog post..No more pencils, no more books…

  3. Kelly says:


    And you are worried about a one-way mirror. ❗

  4. Oh, man. That is one thing that I forgot to worry about. Thanks for the reminder. 🙄

    Corina – Down to Earth Mamas last blog post..A post about a girl finding her passion, preschool mothers, leeches,…. oh, and flying dead rodents

  5. I must have watched the same 20/20 because I still have that fear today – in fact I was just thinking about it earlier. Never thought to check between the mirror and wall tho.
    .-= ´s last blog ..Movie review/goal update =-.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New blog post: 20/20 and Bloody Marry http://bit.ly/Z2mKc

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