I’m Going to BlogHer, Y’all

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It’s official, y’all. I’m going to BlogHer ’09!


The first year I was new to the game and had just started blogging. The second year, I was pregnant and had a very small Cara to deal with. Now, I have an Ollie who will be ten months and can hang with his dad while I’m at the parties in the sessions.

I’m nervous. Oh, so nervous.

I’m worried about introducing myself and people saying, “Who are you again? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of you.” Or, the people asking what I write and me stumbling over my words as I try to explain exactly what this is that I write. On EveryJoe.com, I write about booze [technically it’s called a “spirits” blog but that makes me think ghosts] and video games. But, on here, I write about whatever comes to mind so is this a journal? Maybe I’ll just say that I write about my life?

Yeah. That’s a good one. I think I’ll use that.

Parties. SO many parties. I have to find something with sparkles for Sweetney‘s party. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find something cute in “big girl” sizes that has sparkles?! Hard as hell, let me tell ya.

I was telling Tucker about the parties and he was all like-I’m not wearing an Elton John suit and I’m like-what are you talking about?

Him-I’m not wearing sparkles.

Me-No one asked you to and besides, you’re not invited anyway.

He gave me a pouty face and admitted that he would rather watch cable and watch Ollie sleep anyway. Gotta love Tucker.