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Do You Know the Super Nanny?

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One of the very popular topics when I first started writing this blog was Cara and her problems sleeping. Her problem being that she didn't like sleeping unless she was firmly attached to my boob or strapped on my in her sling. In desperation, I bought Dr. Ferber's book, read it and decided that it had ...

My Kingdom for a Can of Bugspray

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Many of my dad's "weekends" were spent at my paternal grandmother's house. Her house is surrounded by about two hundred acres of deep woods and I can remember many nights falling asleep to the music of cicadas and frogs. Still to this day, those sounds put me at ease and take me back to nights of ...

Pictures of Cara’s Room

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I am NOT a fan of cheap wall decals. I can remember my step-mom buying some Disney decals for my step-brother's room when he was little and even then [I was maybe 14] I thought that they looked cheap. But, I've come to the point where if a set of $9.99 Hello Kitty decals will help Cara ...

A Gimmick is Worth HOURS of Sleep…I Hope

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There's is something especially annoying about being kicked out of a good dream by the thumping of a pit bull tail. That's how I knew that Cara was in our room this morning. Before we left for BlogHer, Cara had occasionally said that she was scared of her room. It occurred randomly and usually when she was ...

Fair is Fair

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I'm not quite sure how I ended up on Chris Brogan's newsletter mailing list but I'm not complaining since I rather dig the guy. There is a point. Bear with me. In this newsletter that I got today there was a part that has stuck with me through all of the stuff that has happened since I read ...

My Heel Bled

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When you go to BlogHer, apparently you're supposed to take about a million pictures so that you can remember the weekend since you might be really drunk tired the whole time and that messes with your memory. Unfortunately, I only took two pictures - both of them horribly blurred and neither one of me - and ...

I Miss Gaming

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I was bitten by the “gaming bug” when I was in high school. My first love [insert flying doves and shit here] was a huge gaming nerd who was in love with me but whose first love was Lunar: Silver Star Story on the Sega-CD. Up to that point in my rather dismal gaming life, I had ...

ANOTHER BlogHer Post But This Time with Clothes

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purple shirt

I know you're probably getting tired of hearing about BlogHer and hell, it hasn't even happened yet. I was going to wait on this post until later in the week but have now realized that Mom's coming tomorrow and from then on it's going to be a mad dash to get everything done. REALLY glad that ...

Lists to Lose and Sick Kids

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I'm really good at one thing and that's procrastination. I got an email from the hotel where we're staying in Chicago letting me know what the weather's going to be like [79 on Saturday!] and I got this nervous [but good nervous] butterfly feeling in my gut and it was at that point that I realized ...

BlogHer Conference 2009

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Yesterday I started writing a post about BlogHer and how I'm going and how I'm nervous and want to puke but everyone else feels the same way so it's OK because we'll all be puking together and then I saved that post for a later date [today] and when I came back to that post ...

PR Blackout?

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Someone [I don't remember who] on Twitter linked to a CNET [LOVE them] story that asked if mommy bloggers need to "grow up"? *Disclaimer #1: I haven't finished reading that story yet since I went to the linked MomDot story about the "PR Blackout".* I headed over to MomDot and read Trisha's story and at first thought, ...

Contagious Psychosis and the Two Year Old

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I've decided that to parent a two year old is to put yourself in close proximity to a contagious psychosis that no drug can tame. Normally I would say that I was being melodramatic but after today, and watching Caroline's mood spread throughout the house, I am a firm believer in the power that is a ...