Mother, Thy Name is Cow

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So, I just stepped in it.

Cara, Ollie and I were all sitting at the table eating dinner and Cara and I were going over animal sounds and what animals live in the ocean-that kind of thing.

Cows came up and I asked Cara what sound they make. “Moo!” [Genius, I’m telling you.]

I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I asked Cara if she knew where milk comes from.

“The refrigerator and my cup!” she said.

I should have left it there. I should have known better.

“You know how Mommy uses a breast pump and gives milk to Ollie? Well, cows do the same for us.”

Cara gave me this level look that should have come from a twenty year old and she asked “Mom, you’re a cow?”

Just string a bell from my neck and call me Bessie.



  1. Jennifer Walker says:

    My mom regularly tells me I am a good cow when she sees how much Ashlyn has grown. I haven’t decided if that is a compliment or not.
    .-= What they wrote on THEIR site… =-.

  2. At least you’re a productive Bessie Cow.
    .-= What they wrote on THEIR site… =-.

  3. LOL!
    .-= Domestic Extraordinaire¬īs last blog ..On My Way =-.


  1. –> “Mother, Thy Name is Cow¬†|¬†Taste Like Crazy” ( http://bit.ly/qefsx

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