Do You Know the Super Nanny?

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One of the very popular topics when I first started writing this blog was Cara and her problems sleeping.

Her problem being that she didn’t like sleeping unless she was firmly attached to my boob or strapped on my in her sling. In desperation, I bought Dr. Ferber’s book, read it and decided that it had been completely misrepresented.

We implemented the “Ferber Method” after I had read the book through and for the first time in Cara’s rather short life, she slept through the night.

And the angels rejoiced…and so did I.

Granted, she never would just go lay down in her bed and go to sleep, but, she would sleep for more than two hours at a stretch and she didn’t bitch for too long.

And that’s what it was. Bitching.

She wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t lonesome. She was out and out pissed at us for having the nerve to demand that she sleep in her room. Actually, Cara was pissed that we would require her to sleep at all.

The horrors! The nerve of us expecting our child to sleep in her own bed!

I’ve well documented our issues with Cara and her screaming since we got back from BlogHer. I’ve written about it here and on Twitter and I’ve thought about it until I’m blue in the…brain?

What I haven’t been able to adequately express is just HOW FREAKIN’ LOUD SHE IS. When your next door neighbor comes and knocks on your door to make sure that your kid is OK, you officially know that your child is loud as hell.

She was so loud, and was loud for SO long last night that I started Googling “Nanny 911” and “Super Nanny” in hopes that one of the shows might be taking submissions.

And no, I’m not joking.

I don’t remember when Cara finally fell asleep last night-though it did finally happen. I also don’t know when Cara woke up this morning and started screaming all over again. What I do know is that I stumbled to the door of her new room, lifted her over the baby gate and went back to bed.

When Tucker left for work this morning, Cara was sound asleep on the couch.

I am truly at a loss right now. Tucker and I have agreed that her sleeping with us is NOT going to happen. We’ve also come to the agreement that her sleeping on the couch isn’t an option. Another non-option is us staying in her room until she falls asleep. I did that crap when she was a baby and think that’s one of the main reasons why she wouldn’t stay asleep when she was a baby.

She went to sleep. I left. When she woke up, I wasn’t there and she would freak out. I have no desire to go through that again.

If you know one of the casting directors for Super Nanny or Nanny 911, tell them to watch this video because we don’t know how to handle this.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am so so sorry. Boy, I wish I had the answers for you, but I definitely do not.

    One of us has to stay with Deacon until he falls asleep. There. I admitted it “out loud.” It sucks, I hate it, but you have bigger balls than I do – I could not do three hours of that. He was up three times last night so it really doesn’t matter anyway.

    If you figure it out, send Jo here next. Or at least some sleep mojo.

    Good luck to you and Tucker. I hope tonight brings sleep for all of you.

  2. I am sorry, so so sorry. It sucks. I know all to well how bad it sucks to have a screaming sleepless child & nothing but your presence all freaking night long will stop it. DS1 was that child until he was 2. DS2 took over around the time he turned 3 & even now at 5 has rare occasions of it (this week for instance…). We tried everything but what seemed to have the most consistent effect were spray bottles. One bottle is just a lavender air freshner I renamed “good dreams spray” when they seemed to be having a series of nightmares. I sprayed the air freshner over their bed when I tucked them in & told them the smell would keep the bad dreams away. It worked, much to my shock. The other was ‘monster spray’ which was a spray bottle with a drop of food grade green dyed water in it & some lavender essential oil. They helped mix it up. We sprayed the room every night with it & they got to keep the bottle on the table by their bed. If they woke up & were scared they sprayed the water, which makes monsters dissolve. I think having something active to do helped them. Right now DS2 just “Doesn’t want to be alone” & he shares a room with his brother… I’m still trying to come up with something that doesn’t involve one of us spending half the night on the floor of his room.
    .-= stacey@Havoc&Mayhem´s last blog ..Muffin cakes =-.

  3. OMG! I’m so sorry.

    I’ve also done the waterbottle thing to ‘get rid’ of all the monsters. I’ve also though had one that to this day (10) is just not.a.sleeper. AT ALL. She will literally stay up all night and then be perfectly fine in the morning and all day.

    I don’t get it but whatever – I’ll go with it.

    Now, when I suggest this I know I’m up for mom of the year but…..
    Have you considered adding a TV to the room? Or maybe one of those sound machines? I know that for us our little “I don’t want to sleep so let me sit here and bother you” love monkey, at the end of the day, couldn’t sleep with no sound. I know, I don’t understand it either. But again, whatever. It WORKED!

    You’ll get a bunch of answers and I hope one works for you because that really.really.really does suck.

    Hugs to you guys as you get this worked out!

  4. Oh, how totally awful for you! I feel your pain, as my youngest was a rotten sleeper himself well past age 2. We also Ferberized after he turned 1 (he coslept until then) and it worked like a charm until I went back to work after summer vacation. After that, his MO was to wake up 50 times a night “needing” things: a drink of water, a hug, a lovey that had fallen out of his bed, a diaper change, etc. For us, it just finally petered out and once he hit 2 1/2, he started sleeping just fine. I wish I could give you a magic formula to make it all better. Hope you can figure something out!
    .-= Earth Muffin´s last blog ..See this movie… =-.


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