A Big Box of Organic Goodness from Santa Cruz Organic

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I love it when I’m having a bad day and the FedEx guy brings me food to review.

Ain’t life grand?

Also, my FedEx guy has great timing since my box of goodies got here right around snack time. Cara does love herself a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she about lost it when she realized that she had just received a box with TWO jars of peanut butter. As well as peanut butter [creamy and crunchy] Cara also received four different kinds of apple sauce [apple cinnamon, apple blackberry, apple apricot and apple raspberry] and  two kinds of juice [apple and mixed berry]. Of course, it was all Cara’s since she is two and everything is hers. 😉

The first thing that I noticed about the peanut butter was that there was LOTS of oil on top. Santa Cruz Organic Creamy Peanut ButterThe jar said to stir and stir I did…until my hand got tired. I finally got the oil all mixed into the peanut butter and made everyone a sandwich to try.

If it had been a plain peanut butter sandwich, I think it would have been too dry. But with the addition of raspberry jelly, it was a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The peanut butter isn’t sweet at all. That’s not to say that it’s bland – because it’s not. But it’s definitely not the super sweet peanut butter that I’m used to…and that’s probably a good thing.

Next came the million different kinds of apple sauce that came in the box.

Cara’s is a huge fan of apple sauce [what two year old isn’t?] and if you looked at our dining room table right now, you would see a partially eaten
container of sauce of each of the flavors that came in the box.

Like the peanut butter, the apple sauce isn’t sweet. You can definitely taste the apples and whatever other fruit is included but the sugar doesn’t overpower you. You get a much better fruit impression that “Wow. That’s like eating a spoonful of sugar”. Does that make sense?Peanut Butter Ollie

After too long of a time of eating REALLY sweet sauces, Cara wasn’t too thrilled by the Apple/Blackberry or Raspberry since they were both a bit tart. However, I tried all of them and liked them and Ollie seemed to like everything.

The favorite, hands down, was the apple cinnamon variety. Perfect mix of apples and cinnamon and Cara didn’t want to share. Silly two year olds.

I tried Cara’s apple juice as I was handing it to her and it was good but not sweet. She seemed to like it though since she was back for more in about three minutes.

I gave her the mixed berry juice to sample and she liked it as well. I couldn’t figure out if she had a preference between the two since every time I would ask her which she liked the best, she would change her answer.

The one item that we haven’t tried yet was the crunchy peanut butter but I plan on trying it tomorrow.

I think it’s cool that the peanut butters come in two different roasts [dark and light] in addition to two different varieties [creamy and crunchy]. Kind of like coffee…except coffee doesn’t come in crunchy.

The Good:

  • VERY flavorful
  • low sugar
  • no hydrogenated oils
  • no artificial ingredients

The Not So Good:

  • the peanut butter was a little “dry”

We don’t necessarily search out organic products since they usually cost a bit more than the “regular” kind but I was impressed enough by the Santa Cruz Organic items that I would definitely purchase them the next time we need some peanut butter, apple sauce or juice.

Disclosure: Everything that I tried today was sent to me by Santa Cruz Organic for free. They understood when they provided me with the products to sample that they were not “buying” my review or guaranteeing a positive review. For more information regarding my review policy, please check my disclosure page and my review policy pages.


  1. We’ve had the Santa Cruz apple sauce and my kids liked it well enough. I love natural peanut butters, but no one else here does. You’ll find that you have to stir the peanut butter every time you use it and keeping it in the fridge helps with the oil separating, but then you have to microwave it a bit to soften it enough to spread.
    .-= Earth Muffin´s last blog ..Welcome Baby Danger Hawk! =-.

    • I just grabbed the peanut butter out of the fridge – Cara basically lives on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right now 🙂 – and it took me like two minutes to get the peanut butter to spread on the bread since the peanut butter was so cold.

      Once it spread out though it was really good. I think it tastes better cold. 🙂

  2. wow. color me jealous. i am a HUGE BIG FAT FAN of santa cruz organics. even if they’re not officially from “santa cruz”. i’ve been consuming their products since they were just like 3 juice offerings at my local co-op.

    if the fed-ex man arrived at my door with that box? i think i’d faint!
    .-= nakedjen´s last blog ..Naked Blogher Thoughts =-.


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