Aunt Flo, Is That You?

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Oh, Internets.

Are you feeling OK?

I’ve read several posts in the past couple of days that have ranged from slightly bitchy to downright mean. Even the comments have been getting nasty with judgments on how someone else should live their life or picking apart a  joke.

Then, there’s Twitter with it’s constant back and forth of snarky, thinly veiled slights. And Twitter is usually pretty good about behaving itself when it comes to this kind of thing.

Usually you’re not like this, Internet.

So, I’m left with one simple question: is everyone about to start their periods all at the same fucking time?

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  1. You know its funny, no one seems to be getting along in my “real” life world as well. I’m super on edge, and so is the family. I think there’s something in the air. Everyone seems to have their panties in a twist! Comforting to see I’m not the only one seeing this. 🙂

    And def. been seeing it on the internet too 😛 Did you read the comments over at motherhooduncensored??

    • Dude, even MY KIDS are getting in on this crap attitude.

      Wonder what’s up?

      And I’m glad that it’s not just ME noticing. :0

  2. LOL! We are definitely in the same boat… Toddler has been having major melt downs lately. I think everyone just needs a big chill pill. Or midol in some cases, whichever works better.

  3. I think the whole of society is just getting nastier. Just like my comment yesterday about enforced “diversity” breeding conformity, I think it can be traced to political correctness and the idea that we should “respect” everyones’ views. It’s a noble sentiment but it has somehow turned into people beating others over the head with their opinions. “You will listen to and validate me, damn it, or I will call you names and say you’re intolerant!”
    .-= PhineasPoe´s last blog ..So much to do today, not enough motivation to get it all done. =-.

    • If you notice, some of the loudest proponents of political correctness are some of the least respectful of opposing views.

      I think you’re onto something with your comment.

  4. That would explain the women…but why are the men all pissy, too?!

    The moon? The alignment of the planets? Not sure.
    .-= Ashlie- Mommycosm´s last blog ..Review: Super Mario Bros: Super Show! =-.

  5. I just wrote a post yesterday about being melancholy about school starting. But this is coincidentally timed with the arrival of Aunt Flo.

  6. I think it has to be something with the moon. But I like to blame everything on the moon. At least with my baby, I can blame teething. Maybe everyone else is growing some new toofers, too?
    .-= Sarah´s last blog .."God has no expectations of you" =-.

  7. NO!!! GAWD!!! That is just so effin’ typica–

    …oh, wait. Okay, you’re right. Ahem.

    (Seriously, I’ve noticed it too)
    .-= Keely´s last blog ..I think I’m actually nervous about it =-.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New Blog Post: Aunt Flo, Is That You? http://bit.ly/vrNTN

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