The Boring List

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So I’m all like, “I’m not quitting. I’ll be back.” and then I don’t post anything on here for like five years or something.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I seem to lack the ability to plan out my month with any sort of success so I usually find myself doing a mad rush at the end of the month to make sure that I’m meeting all of my contractual requirements at EveryJoe.com.

Basically, it’s been self-imposed business and that’s annoying since I know that if I had just planned better then life wouldn’t have been nearly as stressful as it’s been the past couple of days.

Also, I just feel like life’s been kind of boring around here which probably speaks to my current mood more than what’s happening since there I’ve squeezed blood from a stone numerous times here without any problem.

I’ll make a list. Those are easy to write and easy to read. I like lists.

Things Happening Around Here:

  • I got new running shoes yesterday – this implies that running of some sort shall take place in the near future
  • Ollie’s birthday party is this weekend – he doesn’t technically turn one until the 12th but Tucker will be at Drill then
  • Cara has decided that it’s better to sleep on the couch than her room which is annoying but at least she’s sleeping
  • We’re still house hunting [every fucking weekend] and have found THE house but Tucker doesn’t want to put an offer in yet

If I had written that out long hand then this would have been a 1000 word post. Bet you’re glad I did a list.



  1. Hey girl! How are you?

    I can’t believe Ollie is going to be ONE-where the heck did the time go?

    Here’s hoping Tucker will let you all put an offer on THE house. Soonish.

    .-= Domestic Extraordinaire´s last blog ..St. Paul =-.

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