The Alarm

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One of the worst feelings is that of being a prisoner in your own home.

[There was some other dribble here but it was specific to TWO nights ago when I was writing this and since I apparently suck at completing blog post right now, I deleted that other stuff and put this in instead. You’re welcome.]

When you open our apartment door, you hear a “beep beep” noise because of our unactivated alarm system. The alarm system had originally been a “selling feature” of this complex but we never got it activated and the “beep beep” is a nice notification that the front door has been opened.

Every night – since we moved in – the alarm has beeped loudly at us until we hit “motion off”. It used to beep at 8pm on the dot but here recently, it’s been delaying the annoying beep until around 10pm. No big deal. Just hit the “motion off” and you’re good to go.

So, tonight, everyone was in bed. Tucker was watching some video on his laptop and I had come inside to get a drink.

I opened the door, heard the loud annoying beep that let me know it was time to hit the “motion off” button and I hit the button. And the alarm kept beeping at me. Except it didn’t stop. No matter how many times I hit “motion off” it kept up that annoying, drawn out beep.

I consider myself rather gifted with electronic devices so I hit the “system override” button and that apparently REALLY pissed the alarm off since it let lose with this noise that can only be described as jarring.

None of the subsequent buttons I pushed shut the damn thing up and by that time, Tucker was in the living room telling me not to touch anything else. Yeah. Like pushing buttons NOW was going to hurt anything.

Luckily, our apartment manager lives right across the hallway from us and as I was scooping a crying Cara out of her bed, our manager was calling the maintenance guy and getting the override keycode.

The whole ordeal took a grand total of probably five minutes but that alarm was LOUD!

I carried Cara around and she whimpered in my shoulder and Oliver slept through it all. And then, he woke up right after our manager left and the house was quiet. By the time all was said and done, we had both kids in our bed and I finally went to sleep around 2am.

Fun times.



  1. Long, long ago (I’m freaking old) I lived in an apt. building that had false fire alarms at the most ungodly hour. I use to have to bundle the baby up and go outside (no matter the weather) and usually ’cause some asshat thought it would be funny.

    I get where you are coming from. Girl, you deserve a maga nap today 🙂
    .-= toywithme´s last blog ..Boobs: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility =-.

    • I never did get that nap. I think I’m going to rent a hotel room when Tucker gets home and sleep. By myself.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    Gawd, finally. A new post. It's only two days old cause I rock. http://bit.ly/4G39JA

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