I Need Flexible Boobs

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Ollie’s 14 months old now.

He’s been walking for months, nods his head “yes” and “no”, beats up on his sister and does long division. OK. So the beats his sister up part isn’t true…

Anyway, one thing Oliver doesn’t do is sleep through the night. He’s normally in bed by 7 or 7:30 and then will sleep until about midnight. He wakes up, demands boob and then goes back to sleep – in our bed. Sometimes I can wake myself up enough to chunk his butt back into his bed after that midnight snack but he’ll wake up at 4am.

At 4am, I’m not too keen on dragging my butt into Ollie’s room or dealing with him when he’s screaming at the top of his well developed lungs.

So, we take the easy route which is Tucker going into Oliver’s room when Ollie wakes up and then Tucker tossing Ollie next to me in bed.

This didn’t used to bother me. I wanted to sleep and I got sleep if Oliver was in the bed with us. But, I’m a stomach sleeper. And I don’t care how saggy flexible my boobs are, they will not allow me to breastfeed Ollie while I’m on my stomach.

I’ve always said that you should do things until they don’t work for you and yours any longer. And the kinda-sorta cosleeping thing was working. But not so much anymore.

This site started out with me writing about Cara’s epic sleep issues and now I’m writing about Ollie’s issues.

What the hell?

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  1. I’ve been there. My youngest kept very much the same schedule as a baby and it became exhausting. We ended up doing a Ferber kind of thing with him. It sucked, but it only took 3 nights, with each night sucking less than the one before it. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. I hope you’re catching some tummy z’s soon!
    .-= Earth Muffin´s last blog ..A conversation between Big M. and his dad =-.

  2. Jennifer Walker says:

    I know, I need those too! I have to wait until Ashlyn is asleep then push her over a bit so I can go back to sleep on my stomach. I usually end up sleeping on my side because I can only stay awake long enough to get the boob to her mouth. I find however that is much more comfortable with a pillow between my legs. Remember one day he won’t nurse at all and you will miss it! Oh and if you figure out how to make your boobs resistant to biting let me know, Ashlyn is a little Alligator sometimes.

    • I stand by the “suffocation method” I read about in my Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book.

      When she bites, pull her in close. When she figures out that she can’t breath through her nose, she’ll let go with her teeth.

      Cara was a prolific biter [crossing my fingers that Ollie doesn’t start that] and after about three times of pulling her into my boob, she stopped. 😀

  3. Jennifer Walker says:

    I am going to try that. I have that book, maybe I need to pull it out and brush up on some no biting tactics. The “Mom screams in pain and cusses like a sailor” method isn’t working. I had to smack her to get her to let go the other day. This morning she chomped on me so hard I thought my nipple was going to be missing, luckily it is still there. I am scared to nurse her now, I hate it when she bites me. She only barely has 2 teeth thru the skin. Can’t wait until she has her top teeth too. I have resorted to pumping and feeding her a bottle a few times when she nips at me, probably not the best way get her to stop since the bottle doesn’t care if she chomps on it.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New Blog Post: I Need Flexible Boobs http://bit.ly/2S9SgH

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