Time Off and Ice Packs

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After such a long break, I feel like I should have something deep and insightful to write but, alas, I’ve got squat.

The Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful with its almost complete lack of drama. The dinners [yes, dinners] were delicious and for the most part, no one put their feet in their mouths.

I got my old toy box from Mom’s house along with a HUGE stuffed dog of mine named Rufus. Cara and Ollie seem to love Rufus as much as I did when I was little and there’s just something about them playing with my old toys that allows me to remember the good parts of my childhood.

We scored a Christmas tree on the cheap and bought Cara the last Hello Kitty ornament that Target had. After the fourth little girl gave me a much too long look, I realized that it might be in my best interest to hide the ornament before one of the kids started screeching about Hello Kitty.

We made it home without incident and the tree is up.

All of the ornaments aren’t on the tree yet – just Cara’s Hello Kitty and a couple of glass balls – but the lights are done and the kids are beside themselves happy about that. Apparently, the Christmas tree has become Cara’s “spinning wheel” and she “pricks” her finger about five times a day and then sprawls on the couch until her “prince” comes to kiss her. The Prince is supposed to be Ollie but he hasn’t exactly figured out his princely duties and more times than not, ends up slapping Cara in the eye.

Princess Caroline is not amused.

So now we’re left with pulling all the pieces back together after such a long period of time away from our routines. And I’m left with a swollen, itchy, red, hot face because of an allergic reaction I had to my sister-in-law’s face wash. That’ll teach me to not forget mine.

Ice packs and Benadryl are my friends right now.

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