More Coffee, Please?

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Last night was one of those nights when having two parents around would have made things a lot easier.

Actually, I don’t know how much easier things would have been but at least I would have had someone other than myself to bitch to.

I’m fairly certain that Ollie has developed a couple of ear infections again [apparently Alabama does not agree with Ollie] and for the past day and a half, he has been running between a 101° and 102° fever, green snot has been coming out of his nose and he doesn’t want to eat anything except boob BUT his nose is all stopped up – not sure how that happens when his nose is running like an Ethiopian Olympic Gold Medal winner – so he gets pissed and hits my boob.

It’s fun times around here, let me tell ya.

Tucker left for Drill on Friday and things hadn’t been that bad. We watched UP, ate a HUGE bowl of popcorn and Cara cheered [spoiler alert] when the “bad guy” fell into the clouds…and died. She was holding a major grudge against the guy and I guess she’s more like her father than I had originally thought.

That night was fine. I gave Ollie some Motrin and both kids were in bed by like 7pm or something insanely awesome.

We woke up to the first snow of the season which made me very happy since after living in Florida for four years, I tend to get over excited about any precipitation that isn’t rain.First Snow 2009I made bacon, pancakes and eggs and we watched cartoons and ate our breakfast and life was good.

And then Ollie started with the green stuff again and wouldn’t leave my lap. He stopped eating and would never quite go to sleep…he stayed just conscious enough to know if I was about to lay him on the couch and then would pop up and scream at me.

It was special.

Fast forward to 7pm and both kids were still very much awake. Skip to 8pm and neither kid showed any signs of going to sleep.

After a full day of almost constant screaming, I was ready to toss both of the ankle biters into their respective beds and then plug my ears.

Ollie got a dose of Motrin and Benadryl and into bed he went. Cara went kicking and screaming but after about fifteen minutes, both were where they were supposed to be…even if they were both loudly protesting.

And then it was quiet. Very, very quiet. I watched a movie, enjoyed my movie and just as I was about to shut my laptop and go to bed, I heard a rustling in the living room. Cara had wandered into the living room and was in the process of crawling onto the couch with a sweater of mine that she has decided to start sleeping with. She was crying and making little hiccup noises.

I would like to say that I instantly rushed in and scooped her up and felt nothing but warm, smooshy love but my first reaction was to sigh a long, long sigh of resignation since I knew that sleeping in my bed alone – except for the dog – was looking less and less likely. BUT, it’s not like I stayed in my room and sighed for ten minutes or anything while Cara cried. I sighed for like one second and THEN I did the smooshy love scooping thing.

Cara had had a bad dream about me leaving her and she clung to my neck with much more strength than I realized the kid had. I’m sure the dream had something to do with Tucker going to Drill and it took about thirty minutes to calm Cara down. I tucked her in next to me and just as I shut my eyes…yeah…Ollie started screaming.

By this point, it was 1am and the Motrin had worn off and Ollie was this large bundle of loud, sweaty, hot toddler and he was pissed at the world and was content to take it out on me.

SO, instead of it just being the dog and me in my bed last night, it quickly [and loudly] became Sophie the Dog, Cara, Ollie and me in my queen sized bed. How two very small children can take up SO MUCH ROOM, I’m not quite sure but it probably has something to do with the fact that they seem programed to sleep across the bed instead of sleeping in beds like normal people.

Sometime early this morning, I must have gotten up and put Ollie back in his crib. I say “sometime” since I don’t remember doing it.

Now, I’m sitting on the couch typing this and the kids are watching a Phineas and Ferb marathon and happily playing in the floor and I need more coffee.

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  1. Yep. I feel for you…nothing is worse than thinking your are about to sleep, and have little ones tell you differently. I slept with both of my girls on a fold out couch last night (long story short, older girl and I were ‘camping out’ in the living room for some mom and daughter fun time, and my youngest woke up screaming and would not be consoled by my husband. So she ended up with us and the fold out. Uncomfortable to begin with, but add getting kicked in the face and squished to the metal side, and it was quite a sleep…
    .-= LZ´s last blog ..The Future of America =-.

    • The only slightly funny part was about 3am when Ollie kicked Cara in the head. It wasn’t a hard kick but seemed fair after two hours of Cara kicking me in the back and every rib. :beatup:

  2. Awwww. And yay snow… that got me excited when we had some the other day too!
    .-= Ari´s last blog ..Serendipity. =-.


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