Accidents and Laundry

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The problem with writing a reactionary blog is that you tend to only write about things that stick in your mind and not the day-to-day tedium.

Last week I found a couple of journals from when I was younger. One was from when I was 11 and one was from my senior year of high school.

My journals were written much the same way as this website – only the high or really low points were chronicled. And that’s fine when you’re living what you’re writing but when you come back to it a few years later, it’s that tedium and those minor details that are important. They’re kinda like a crumb coat on a cake; those petty details hold everything together and smooth it all out.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about Cara and potty training and one of the main reasons is because things have been going so well.

One day she just decided that she was no longer going to wear diapers and that was that. We quit buying Pull Ups and even ventured to Target without a diaper or Pull Up and Cara had no “accidents”. When she managed to travel from Alabama to Arkansas and back again without wearing a Pull Up, I figured the toilet training had stuck and we were good to go.

The diaper wearing stage was definitely not one that I was going to miss.

So, all of those days and nights of no accidents and dry pants and all of that were the crumb coat. No reason to write about it if it’s working and I wouldn’t want to jinx things anyway.

But now I am writing about it so you know things aren’t working any longer and maybe if I write about it now then this will jinx what’s going on and we’ll go back to how things were…does jinxing work like that? Hell, it’s worth a try.

All I know is that this is the second morning in a row that I’ve given Cara a bath before 8am and the second morning in a row I’ve washed Cara’s bedclothes and this is getting old. Not to mention the fact that you can see on Cara’s face how disappointed she is in herself.

Tonight, nothing to drink before bed and before I go to bed, I’m putting the kid on the pot. She’s going to be so pissed [Heh. No pun intended.] but maybe I won’t be washing sheets tomorrow morning.

I really hate doing laundry.