Sleep Deprivation is Torture, People!

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The problem with going on any sort of overnight trip is it completely screws up the kids’ sleep schedules. We’ve been home for four nights now and Cara and Ollie are still out of sorts.

When we stayed at Tucker’s parents’ house, Cara slept with Tucker’s parents and Ollie slept in our bed so that means that Cara got used to not sleeping alone in her own bed and Ollie got more than used to having my boobs right next to him and being able to grab a snack any time he woke up.

Last night blew. Plain and simple. There are no two ways around it and no fluffy, pretty way to put it.

Cara was still odd after her dentist appointment and she had been slothing around the house all day so I was expecting her to put up a valiant fight come bedtime. Ollie always goes to sleep easily so I wasn’t concerned by that part of it but Ollie sucks at staying asleep for longer than four hours.

Baths were given, teeth were brushed and Tucker took Ollie and I took Cara. Stories were read, lights were turned off and it was finally quiet.

Quiet until around midnight when Ollie started bitching from his crib.

Tucker and I made the shocking [at least to me] discovery that at this age, Cara was sleeping all the way through the night. Our daughter who seems to completely lack a need for sleep. Cara was also not nursing at night at Ollie’s age.

And then we realized that we had no clue as to how we got Cara to not nurse at night and that we pretty much don’t remember anything when it comes to Cara and sleeping. We both agreed that we needed to read back through the “early days” of my site for a refresher.

I don’t know how much of the thing with Ollie is me being “easy” on him because he’s the baby [because I definitely don’t want anything to do with that crap] and how much of it is that Ollie is just so damn easy to get to sleep and we just got into a routine of bringing him into our bed around midnight when he wakes up like clockwork.

But you know, I’m ready to sleep for longer than four hours at a whack and last night with the waking every fifteen minutes was too much. Add to that the fact that Cara crawled into our bed around 3am and declared that she was “bored with sleeping”. Tucker had been dealing with getting Ollie to sleep and I ignored Cara and tried to sleep until I felt her get off of the bed.

I found her with her pillow and blanket on the couch all cuddled up and about that time, Ollie woke up screaming again and Tucker put Cara in her bed where she bitched and moaned about not wanting to sleep. I told Tucker to go to bed and I would deal with them.

I think Ollie would have finally stayed asleep if Cara hadn’t been sitting in her bed talking to herself. Every time Ollie finally shut up and put his head on his pillow, Cara would exclaim something in a garbled high pitched voice and Ollie would be up like a meerkat.

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture, y’all and the last time I slept longer than five hours at a time was probably before Cara was born and mommy needs some sleep. Hell, we all need sleep.

The plan for this weekend is to go through my site and see what we did with Cara. I also need to find my Dr. Ferber book and reread that bitch. If that all fails, we might consider selling them to the circus.

Surely they’d fetch a pretty penny. They are kind of cute when they’re not waking us up at 3am.

So, I’m curious. When’s the last time you got a full night’s of sleep or are you one of those genetic freaks who doesn’t need more than a quick nap?

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  1. Oh my, I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in ages, mainly cuz I’ve been staying up too late and waking up too early. But I blame myself, I can’t blame it on a kid.

    And I hear you, it IS torture.. I need my 8 hours of sleep or I get cranky. Very cranky. The hulk has nothing on me!
    .-= Ari´s last blog ..What I expect from twenty-ten.* =-.

  2. Sleep? I haven’t gotten a really good night sleep since about my second trimester with Elli. As long as I get about a 4 hour stretch at some point during the night I’m fine. Normally if the odd thing happens and she does sleep through the night my boobs wake me up anyway.

    I will say this though I do need my half caff coffee in the morning after one of those rough nights though just to function!

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