Procrastination Leads to Productive Day

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This is the post I write because I don’t want to write for work.

This is the post I write because I am procrastinating.

This is the post I write because even though I know I’m procrastinating, I’m embracing that part of me, as I often do.

So, needless to say [though I will] this post is all of that stuff mentioned above with a huge helping of stream of consciousness…cause that’s how I roll. And yes, I DID just say that. I predict a resurgence of that phrase.

I started this post at 14:10…well, that’s the time I saved this as a draft. Anywho, it’s now just after 21:30 and NOW I actually have something to write about. Before it was just going to be a lot of rambling. Which you could probably tell from the first three lines.

Yeah. Important stuff. And no, it’s not about that thing I said I wasn’t going to mention since I don’t want to jinx myself and I’ll be damned if I didn’t just kinda mention it again. But thank YOU for not asking me what I was talking about. Except for that one email asking me. I’ll just act like that one never happened.

We’re reaching that point in the month when all of the “good” stuff has been cooked and we really need to go to the grocery store since our grocery cache has been reduced to random pasta, a bag of shredded cheese and random stuff like flour, butter, bread, milk and the random onion.

Since I don’t do well with “scrounging” [as Tucker calls it] which involves digging through the cabinets and eating mayonnaise sandwiches or something equally revolting, I decided that I was going to make macaroni and cheese for dinner.

From scratch.

You see, I’ve never actually made macaroni and cheese. Like with real cheese and milk and involving an oven. I grew up on Kraft Shells and Cheese and that’s what I’ve always thrown together.

The only problem was that I didn’t have elbow macaroni; I never buy the stuff since I never use it. Five different variations on spaghetti? Check. Enough egg noodles to fill a dump truck? You betcha. But, alas, no elbow macaroni. Worry not, constant reader. I used egg noodles.

I made my own cheese sauce – 2Tb butter, 2Tb flour – cook those for a minute or two – pour in a cup of milk. Add 1/2 a tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp of black pepper and then 1/2 a cup of shredded cheese. Stir until it all melts and you have a smooth sauce instead of a lump of cheese. It’s yummy. Try it.

I cooked the egg noodles, poured the cheese sauce over it and the sprinkled bread crumbs on it. And you know? Despite the fact that Cara refused to touch the stuff, it actually wasn’t too bad. Fuck knows it was better than a damn mayonnaise sandwich.

The other thing I did instead of working was watch Vlog Brothers with Tucker.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this vlog then you gotta get crackin since you’ve missed a lot of videos.

For the past three nights, Tucker and I have retired to our bedroom after we’ve put the kids to bed and have watched a ton of these three to four minute gems. The first night I made popcorn to go with the videos and we started at the very beginning and I was completely smitten by the premise of the whole deal: two brothers who live many states apart, would give up any kind of textual communication and would only correspond via video.

Now, they didn’t stick COMPLETELY to this since we just watched a video where they were talking to each other on their cell phones, but textual communication is punished with a punishment and one of the early punishments involved one of the brothers – John Green [the author] – waxing his chin after a week’s worth of growth. That episode is classic and funny as hell. It’s at the very beginning. Go find it. You’ll laugh. The thumbnail is of him obviously in a bathroom with black tile behind him.

Since I’m a nice person, I found the video for you so you won’t have to go searching for it.

The other brother – Hank Green – is a self professed “eco geek” and is a bit spastic yet somehow has managed to worm his way into my cold, cold heart and I laugh at just about every one of his videos.

The unspoken rule that Tucker and I have is that we only watch the videos together…at least, that’s MY rule and Tucker, when you read this, you better not be watching any of those videos without me or I’ll cut ya!

Since our day usually goes something like this: Tucker goes to work early and I deal with the kids all day. He comes home from work and picks up the apartment while I finish dinner. We all eat dinner together and then I go outside to work while he bathes the kids. He puts Ollie to bed while I put Cara to bed and then we either watch a bit of TV together or I go back outside to work some more.

Once I really thought about it, I realized that we hardly see each other. These hour or so bits of time spent on the bed watching YouTube videos are pretty freakin nice. Kind of like “movie night” in nice, small, digestible bits.

I really thought I had a third thing to talk about but apparently I didn’t. And I definitely didn’t intend to spend 500 words or something talking about Vlog Brothers but one of Hank’s videos did help me to FINALLY understand how electrons fill their electron shells which is saying a hell of a lot since that’s after having a fantabulous Chemistry teacher in high school who used to be a chemist for DuPont and then two years of college level Chemistry.

So that was my day. How was your day?

And in case you were wondering, no, I haven’t finished my work yet.