Customer Service and I Fired My Shrink

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I fired my shrink today.

How’s that for an opening line?

I knew from the first time I met him [actually before I met him] that he most likely wasn’t going to be a good “fit” for me; he was almost 30 minutes late for our initial appointment. Not exactly a wonderful first impression. I think I’ve already written about how I was underwhelmed by the guy but I was committed to going to a second appointment to see how things went.

Things didn’t go any better.

I have a rather interesting and long personal history that I always have to get out of the way when I meet a new “mental health professional” so that first appointment is always a bit boring and routine but it’s necessary and I get that.

And while I definitely wasn’t expecting [or wanting] him to be astounded by my past, some sort of reaction other than “If you would like to schedule another appointment, I think I have something two weeks from now.” would have been nice. He basically was the stereotypical psychologist you see on television except he never asked “How does that make you feel?”

And to clarify, I don’t want a shrink who asks me those famous six words…OK…if it make sense in the conversation then sure but I prefer someone who actually carries on a conversation with me and helps me to draw my own conclusions and solutions for a given situation.

The whole reason I see a shrink is because I’m not able to solve an issue on my own. Duh.

Considering I’ve been up and active since 6am, I’m going to assume I’m going through some sort of manic thing right now BUT, I’m cool with that. I’ve even started to wonder if maybe the cyclothymic diagnosis was the wrong diagnosis and maybe this is how “normal” people feel on a daily basis.

At any rate, I’ve been trying to hire a new shrink since 8am and talked with one of the rudest receptionist people I’ve ever had the displeasure to talk with.

Not only did she pretty much bark all of her words, she also told me the office didn’t take our insurance and promptly gave the number of another doctor [in another practice] who she was SURE took our insurance. That was the only time she was pleasant – gleeful, in fact.

Since I was looking at literally 20 different providers in her office on my insurance company’s website of “providers in network”, I called the insurance company and they confirmed what I suspected: the woman at that office was a heinous bitch.


So the insurance lady DIDN’T say the office lady was a bitch [I added that part] but she did imply the woman was full of crap.

I called the office back [luckily getting another worker] and the new lady called their business office and was told that [wait for it] our insurance WAS accepted in their office and once she confirmed coverage, she would call me back to schedule an appointment.

And now, as I’m typing this, I know I’m probably screwing myself and somehow our insurance won’t be accepted. No reason to worry about it at this particular moment.

That’s my day thus far.

I was a very productive girl yesterday and made myself a calendar with all the posts I have to do for EveryJoe.com for this month so I don’t forget and today the plan is to file our amended taxes for 2008 and if I get my 1099 then I’ll file our 2009 taxes. I figure I better get them done while I’m still in a good mood.

On THAT subject, if you for some reason find you need to call the IRS to get a question answered, don’t be afraid. That’s right, folks. Don’t be afraid.

I had to call last night [Did you know they’re open until 10pm!?] to get some kind of number for our amendment and the guy was the MOST HELPFUL customer service person I have ever encountered. EVAH. He even gave me information I didn’t ask for because he knew I didn’t know I needed it. He was THAT NICE.

I have a plan of attack for the day and this day better not mess with me or I’ll make it call that mean woman.



  1. Oooh, he sounds like he needed a good firing. I hate it when they just listen to you and ask you how you feel. I can manipulate the crap out of people like that. I need someone who can see through my bullshit and call me on it.
    .-= Suzy Voices´s last blog ..Training Montage =-.

    • Bingo!

      I just got off of the phone with the secretary at the new office and guess what…our insurance pays 100% of the visit. So much for them not taking our insurance, huh? :rotfl:

  2. As someone in the office environment, I cringe to hear of such terrible reception work. My eternal quest to improve global standards of customer service will continue.

    So, wait a second, you like video games? What sort?! I normally wouldn’t be this creepy except that I’m launching a gaming-related website soon (you know how that goes) and was curious as to whether you should be one of those people I give notice to.

    Oh, and have a lovely lifetime.

    • :rotfl: I write about all kinds of games but my platform of choice is the PS3. If you have some sort of PR release on a PS3 game then you should definitely give me notice.

  3. Oh. Insert sad trumpet here. I’m much more of a retro gamer. Insert touching departure here.

    • 🙁 Sad times. Even sadder is that I don’t know where my NES is located.

    • … funny you should mention the NES. Hmm. There may be hope for you after all. Uh, insert finally going to bed here after multiple other distractions here.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

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