Road Trip and Puke

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I’d love to write something deep and insightful but I’m running short on deep and insightful today.

We spent the weekend in Arkansas and while it was great, I’m pretty sure we all missed our routine. Tucker and I were both dreading last night since we had convinced ourselves that last night was going to suck much ass with regards to sleep. Meaning we would be getting no sleep since Oliver had gotten used to sleeping with us and Cara had gotten used to sleeping with Tucker’s parents.

And guess what? You ready?

They both went right to sleep. Cara slept until 8am and Oliver slept until 5am. Things were maybe even better than they were before we left.

We left Thursday night and had the DVD players going. I was playing Sims 3 on my laptop – I’m starting a new website [http://Sims3Gamer.com]. Stay tuned for details. – and Tucker was ignoring us all. šŸ˜€

About an hour into the trip, Oliver threw up. Just a little. We changed him. We drove on.

And then Oliver puked…a lot. Like hit the back of Tucker’s seat. It was like epic puke. I know you’re very excited I keep talking about the puke. I’ll stop now. You’re welcome.

Since Oliver didn’t puke on the way home, we’ve decided he was just still sick with theĀ nastinessĀ I had and was not experiencing motion sickness from the DVD players. We breathed a sigh of relief.

One thing I realized this weekend [and I think I’ve known it for a while] is that Oliver doesn’t nurse when he has stuff going on…when people are entertaining him.

He comes up every now and then and asks to nurse but for the most part, it’s only when he’s bored. At this age, Cara was doing the exact same thing and also around this age, I weaned Cara. It was time and I was pregnant and I wanted my body back as much as I could get it back with being pregnant since I knew I would have a new baby in a very short time who would be nursing all the time.

I thought it would make me sad to think about weaning Oliver. I figured that the reason I wasn’t sad with Cara was because I knew I’d have another to nurse. But now, I realize I’m not sad at all.

This is just the next step in a lot of steps and Ollie’s pretty good at taking things in stride.

And something I just thought of while I was making dinner.

On our way home last night, we stopping in Corinth, MS to grab something to eat. We chose McDonald’s since it was right on the road and might I say that was the NICEST McDonald’s I’ve seen in my entire life. There’s something I never thought I’d ever say.

I sat with the kids while Tucker got the drinks and when he brought us our various syrupy sweet beverages, he left again saying he would be back in a minute.

A couple of minutes went by and I couldn’t see where he was so I assumed he had gone to pee. Then, I saw him opening the door for this middle aged guy and talk to him like Tucker knew the guy. I thought it was random Tucker would run into someone he knew in Corinth of all places but it is the South and I’m pretty sure we invented “networking”.

When Tucker came back to the table, I asked him who the guy was half interested and half trying to keep Oliver from taking a header out of his booster seat.

And then Tucker told me something that made me very proud of him. He didn’t know that guy from Adam [my wording, not his] but the guy had asked Tucker if Tucker would buy the guy something to eat. And he did. Two double quarter pounders and a Coke.

Good for you, husband. You’re pretty cool in my book.

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  1. Way to go. It comes back to you I have found. Helped push to Women out of the street (Took about 6 of us) they ran out of Gas. Drove one of them to Gas Station and got 5gal of gas. She did not even have money, had to cash her check. Only 12 bucks for the gas and made me fell like a million. Which reminds me time to get moving. Lunch with “B” (Daughter) and we meet nursing home at Local Casino.

    Who knows may win again with person I help out (help them not lose too quick, wheel them around etc).

    Great looking Kids!!! I bet you can’t wait until they are out of Diapers!



  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New blog post…well…it's from yesterday but new to you. šŸ˜€ http://tastelikecrazy.com/2010/03/01/road-trip-and-puke/

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