Better Than Dr. Psuedo Freud

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Today was my much waited for new shrink appointment.

Actually, she’s a LPC [Licensed Professional Counselor] but “shrink” easier to say so I’m gonna stick with that.

The office [though it kind of resembled a really nice prison] was freakin’ huge and the staff was pleasant. A very nice change from some of the shrinks’ offices I’ve been to.

I met with the shrink and she did a basic “tell me about your crazy self” interview. We got more accomplished in that hour than I got accomplished in two visits with the Dr. Freud lookalike I went to last month. Also, this lady actually seemed to like me where Dr. Psuedo Freud acted like he was just tolerating me.

I’m not saying I want to be best friends with my shrink but I do expect to not feel like I’m bothering the person with my blatherings.

At any rate, we made a plan of what we’re going to work on, I got set up with a Psychiatrist appointment to talk about starting meds and I have another appointment scheduled with her in a month since that was the earliest Friday appointment she had.

All in all, I left feeling like the whole thing wasn’t a waste of time and that future visits will be equally productive.

Yay for good mental health professionals.

Other than that, I’ve farted around the house, done some dishes and worked so I don’t get behind.

What have you done today?



  1. Sounds like you have done more than me today. Waiting on the Temp outside to get more to my liking. Want to wash the car and then go on Bike ride. Then go outside and sit in the Hot Tub and read. Lunch, Nap and then dinner for Wife (she works still).

    I have built in Counselor (Wife has MSW Degree).

    Wish you luck on your counseling. Good that your trying to solve your problems. Just remember don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all Small Stuff.


  2. good for you… i hear what you’re saying with not necessarily “liking” your shrink, but i think (at least in my experience) it’s helpful to have a rapport with them and not feel like they are obligated to hear your shit… i mean, ya, it’s their job, but you can tell when a shrink truly cares about and takes pride in the work they do and when they’re kinda burnt out, ya know? maybe it’s just me… regardless, i’m glad to hear that you’re finding what works for you.
    .-= nic @mybottlesup´s last blog ..the ONE TIME i go out in public to get coffee and “work”… OK, THE SECOND TIME… =-.

  3. Hollyn says:

    My counselor in JAX sucked, but I loved my Psychiatriast (is that how you spell that? whatever…). I got more accomplished in talking about meds and such for that hour, than I did with the other chick… Oh well… I haven’t found any shrinkers since we moved. My PCM just writes the scripts for my crazy meds and I’m good… well, not really… I’ll worry about me when the wife is gone… 🙂 I’m glad you found someone that you connect with. That can be hard for anyone, especially when you are spilling all the marbles that roll around in your (the collective you..) head…


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    New Blog Post: Better Than Dr. Psuedo Freud http://bit.ly/94j02r

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