Your Own Worst Enemy

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I’m liking the multi-part post thing. It helps mah ADD riddled mind stay on track and it’s a hell of a lot easier to jump from #1 where I’m talking about breastfeeding to #2 where I want to talk about video games. None of that messy transition stuff.

Today on Taste Like Crazy, you shall read about Tucker finally coming home, Sims3Gamer.com, Digital Girlfriends and on why being your own boss is awesome and it royally sucks.

#1 Tucker’s Home

If you didn’t know, Tucker had Drill this weekend and that meant I was by myself with these things people call my kids for the weekend.

Normally it’s not that bad and I know I shouldn’t bitch about taking care of them by myself for one stinkin’ weekend when there are single mothers out there and people whose husbands or wives are deployed and blah, blah, blah. But my reality is that Tucker is home every night and he helps break up fights and helps put the kids to bed and is there to lend a [not very interested] ear when I just need to bitch for thirty minutes about what Ollie did to Cara and vice versa.

This weekend obviously wasn’t a “normal” weekend since Tucker wasn’t here and then Ollie decided to lob a ceramic mug at Cara’s face which ended with Cara having a black eye. Cara bit Ollie a couple of times over the course of the weekend and the dog hid in the bedroom.

Damn Sophie does nothing but mope when Tucker’s gone. She was supposed to be my dog but ever since she was a puppy, she’s preferred him…which is why I need another cat. Though the cat will probably like Tucker better too. Fuck.

Back on track…Tucker’s home and everyone was ecstatic about that very cool fact. The kids were fighting over who would get held first and the dog was jumping around like a loon – crazy person not the bird.

On a very positive note, we had thought Tucker would have to go out on boat for two weeks at the end of April but as it turns out, the Navy has frozen the funds for his [about to be dissolved] unit and they’re not paying for anyone to go anywhere. Which means Tucker isn’t leaving for two weeks.

Which means I’ll have someone to help me break up fights and put kids to bed…and I won’t have to watch the damn dog mope around.

#2 Sims 3 Gamer

The site thinks it’s live. And what I mean by that is I can connect to the site via FTP [file transfer protocol] and I can load stuff to the server but when I enter in the web address, nothing comes up. I got one stinkin’ post up and then the site said, “No, no. That’s enough for now, thanks.” and it quit working for me.

Since Laughing Squid [who I host through] doesn’t do weekend support, I have to wait until tomorrow 8am PST to get a tech to take a look and see what I broke and then fix it for me.

Because I have no doubt the issue was/is caused by me.

#3 Digital Girlfriends

If you didn’t know, I occasionally do website design/install and this week [and some of last week] I worked on Duong Sheahan‘s new site: Digital Girlfriends.

I did the header/logo, set the thing up and cool things will be coming from the site, I’m sure.

That really cool image slider thing at the top, right below the header? Yeah. It can kiss my ass.

I set the exact same thing up on one of Duong’s other sites TheNewMediaMarket.com and had absolutely no issues.

I brought the thing over to Digital Girlfriends and the damn thing went all wonky on me and instead of sliding like a good slider should, the stupid thing expanded down into the body of the site. I fought with that stupid ass plugin for three days straight; I kid you not.

FINALLY, today, I wiped everything off of Digital Girlfriends and started selectively adding code and plugins back to the site and it worked.

I did a happy dance. Really. I got up and danced around and the kids gave me weird looks and everything.

I don’t ever want to look at that stupid slider again…except I’m going to use it on Sims 3 Gamer…but it’s working so I like it for right now.

#4 Being Your Own Boss is Awesome and Royally Sucks

Obviously I’m talking about owning websites and writing for a living but I’m sure this can apply to just about any instance where you are self employed.

Just about everyone says they want to be their own boss because how cool is that, right? You set your own hours, no one tells you what to do and hell, if you want to take a day off, take that day!

But here’s the nasty little secret. If you’re your own boss, you are working for yourself and if you slack, who do you think suffers? Yeah. You.

If you work for someone else and you are having an “off” day, you’ll still get paid. If you work for yourself and you don’t work that day, you ain’t getting shit. The emails keep coming, the work piles up and you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

And the “no boss” thing? You still have a boss…and usually more than one.

Each project you take on has an owner and they’re your temporary boss. Also, you now become your boss and if you plan on being successful at what you’re doing, you are a bitch of a boss who makes you work 12+ hour days – way past when you would have called it a day if you had been working for someone else.

On the flip side, most days I work in the clothes I slept in. I take conference calls when Oliver’s taking a nap and Cara’s playing. I’m able to stay home with my kids and they don’t have to go to daycare. All very cool things.

In the end, it comes down to how much do you want to rock? How much do you really want to be successful because you are your own worst enemy and your biggest advocate.

I guess that last part pretty much applies across the board, doesn’t it?



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