Must Push Through

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I woke up this morning, sat down with my laptop and coffee and started working on Sims 3 Gamer.

Since I am not only the Editor-In-Chief [anyone else always thing that was Editor-AND-Chief] but also the web designer on the site, my job has been more on the web design side and less on the writing side at the moment.

I had certain things I wanted to accomplish:

  • Background image ✔
  • Style the footer ✔
  • Make a staff page ✔
  • Add an Amazon “store” page ✔
  • Header ✔

Now that I’m typing the list, I realize I accomplished a good deal today if you consider each element took me anywhere from five minutes to an hour. And I guess I should be patting myself on my back since I did get a lot accomplished.

One thing that had me hung – still has me hung – is this little bastard:

He’s hot – he’s got a torch…get it? – and stuff but I hate him right now.

He’s supposed to be hanging out at the bottom of Sims3Gamer.com, peaking around at you and I can’t get him to behave. I’ve worked on his bastard ass all day and if you happen to be a major code monkey who can explain how to implement custom divs in Thesis then I want to talk to you.

You can reach me on the “Contact” page.

What’s funny is I distinctly remember thinking this morning that I would have nothing to write about on this site. Hell, I even considered closing it.

I know, right?!

Then I discovered this list of Sims 3 related websites/blogs and if there was one, there were 100. I’m not joking.

And I was hit with this heavy, heavy wave of hopelessness.

Why even keep on with Sims 3 Gamer? There were already so many sites out there. And granted, I had 50k viewers on Sims Gamer before I got canned but I just kept thinking about how long it would take me to build those readers back up and they don’t know I’ve been canned and anyone who is given the blog will pick right up where I did and what’s the point?

I emailed Tucker – because that’s what I do when I’m feeling like shit.

This was my email:

I feel very, very hopeless right now. I saw a site that does just custom content – the chick goes and finds downloads and then puts them up on her site…kind of like what I did on Sims Gamer.

Anyway, she has links for all of these Sims 3 sites and there are TONS of them.

Kind of don’t see the point in trying.

His response:

There are a lot of clothing stores. Why? It is not just the subject, if you present it in a way that people enjoy then they will keep coming back.

Damn short response but Tucker has a knack for getting down to the brass tacks of things. I would have taken about 200 words to express that.

He’s right and I know part of this is just how I’m feeling right now. Must push through. Must keep going.

It’s the keep going and pushing through part that blows.

Push Image/Flickr Torch Dude/Ea


  1. You work out how to do that in Thesis, hit me up babe.

    Cause I have been wanting to do it for MONTHS!

    Sending the link to Sims3gamer to my daughter. She will pee her pants with excitement. I am sending you the dry cleaning bill.

    • Well…I gave up.

      That’s negative, isn’t it. Let’s say I “went with other options”. 😀

      I ended up putting another guy – Goth Dude – in a widget I created in the footer. Works for me.

      And how about you asking your daughter what she’d like to see on Sims 3 Gamer. I know what I want to write about but sometimes a girl needs some help. Ya know?

  2. Heh… Tucker… Old Navy… New Navy… Brought back a host of memories…

    Anyway, Tucker (as usual) was correct and straght to the point. I like torch guy, but if he’s going to be an ass about sitting on your footer, then go with “goth guy”… You spend too many brain cells beating yourself up… I know you’re good, Tucker knows you’re good, there are hundreds of people that have your work that know you’re good…

    There’s more, but I need more coffee…

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