Political Fairness is All I Want

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My general rule with regards to writing is if I can not get a theme or idea out of my head then I need to write it down.

Fairness in politics has been on my mind a lot here recently.

Since I’m on my laptop for the majority of the day and TweetDeck is almost always running, I see my fair share of political back and forth.

This is nothing new.

During the primaries and then the main presidential election, I had to turn off TweetDeck because it became extremely clear that if you didn’t agree with someone, you were going to get roasted. I saw people basically sic other users on users they didn’t agree with. And, for the most part, from what I saw in my Twitter stream, the “aggressors” were Obama supporters and I don’t know if I was just following a lot of people who loved Obama or if the people who didn’t love Obama were scared to speak up.

And then someone invited me to join TCOT – Top Conservatives on Twitter – which I thought was funny as hell since I’m still a registered Democrat and am pretty socially liberal. So, now I had some conservative people who I was following and they balanced out the more liberal minded followers.

Now let the real fights begin.

Instead of just seeing liberal users attacking an offhanded comment, now I was seeing some downright militant conservatives doing the exact same thing – both sides had obviously lost their damn minds.

Tucker and I are fairly political in that we talk about politics at least once a day for a fair amount of time. I listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh every day. I watch Glenn Beck’s TV show on Fox. I enjoy them all.

Right there, by admitting I listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, I’ve lost you…well, a lot of you. And most of you who are no longer reading this have never listened to either of these guys.

In the interest of full disclosure, I used to HATE Rush Limbaugh. I rolled my eyes every time he was on some radio in my general vicinity. Then one day – I’m not quite sure when it happened – I didn’t hate Limbaugh quite so much.

I don’t agree with everything either of them say. I can make up my own mind, thankyouverymuch.

I worried on Twitter if I should even right any of this. Just with this innocuous post, there are some of you guys who aren’t going to like me very much.

Linda had this to say:
The thing is, I just want to have my say and this is the only place I feel I can do that.

And now that I’ve written all of this, the fight’s kind of gone out of me. Maybe all I needed to write was that I don’t like the crap behavior of people on Twitter on both sides?

Maybe I just need to say you can listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and you shouldn’t be ashamed and people have no right to call you names because you do so.

Keith Olbermann is the “liberal” version of Glenn Beck and Olberman – who I used to watch every single night – has said some incredibly insensitive and downright shitty things about people he doesn’t agree with. But rarely do you hear about what he says in mainstream media. Hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear about something “horrible” Beck or Limbaugh has said.

I’m not trying to proselytize because I hate few things but that is one thing I truly hate. I’m simply finally speaking my mind after over a year of pretty much keeping my mouth shut – on line anyway.

If you don’t have the money to pay for something, you don’t buy it. That goes for the government as well.

I don’t think all “liberals” are bad. I don’t think all “conservatives” are good. Each has their gems and each has their nut jobs.

All I ask for is fairness. Really. That’s all I want.

Think back to the Bush/Gore election issues in 2000. Democrats were outraged at that election and I was as well. It was acceptable to challenge that.

It was OK to call for Bush’s impeachment later on down the road.

But now it’s not OK for Republicans to challenge the “Healthcare Bill”? I put that in quotes since I think it should really be called “Health Insurance Bill” but that doesn’t sound as cuddly.

And what of all the people who called – and still call – for Bush [and others’] death? I am no fan of George W. Bush but thought/think saying someone should be assassinated is going just a bit over the top. However, it’s alright to say that kind of thing and it’s not cool to say the same thing about Barak Obama?

I’m confused. Why is one alright but the other isn’t?

I like having in depth discussions on things like this. If you’re willing to have an awesome conversation on this stuff, please leave your comments below.

Just remember to use your inside voice and please, no name calling.



  1. KUDOS.
    .-= Lori Hoeck´s last blog ..Gaslighting, is someone using this trap on you? =-.

  2. Well put. I am a registered Republican. I am our town’s representative on our County Republican Committee but I still vote on the for who I feel will do the best job. (Though I can’t ever remember voting for a democrat). The liberal views that I do have seem to be the ones the conservatives are most against such as abortion and gay marriage.

    I am definitely against this whole health care bill mostly because we can’t afford it. I feel for the people that have lost their jobs and their health care but what about all the people that just live off the government. I see it everyday. I work for our county and I see waste EVERY day and it drives me insane.

    • I’m like you in that I vote with who I agree with – I don’t care which party they align themselves with. I’ve voted Democrat, Republican and Independent. 😯

      When it comes to abortion, I can’t imagine ever having one myself but I don’t think it’s the goverment’s place to say what someone can do with their bodies…even if I don’t agree with it. But, I also don’t think public funds should pay for them.

      I don’t have a problem with gay marriage. If a “hetero” couple can receive $ incentives to marry and get benefits for that marriage, it’s not right to keep “homo” couples from receiving those benefits.

      My husband would argue there should be no incentives period but I’ll let him speak for himself. 😛

  3. Wow! Except for the “still registered democrat” we’re the same. Although maybe I’m mouthier online about my political views. I’m libertarian, have been for a long time, but disliked Bush, was outraged at the 2000 election and I’m upset with all the health insurance stuff going on now too. I too feel very afraid to say I watch Glenn Beck. My family thinks I’m nuts and have “gone over to the dark side” because I’m no longer totally liberal. Although I was never raised that way, it just seems to me that more liberals are against republicans just because they are republican and not because they actually disagree with anything that’s being said. It’s definately a crazy time we’re living in. Kudos to you for speaking up for your beliefs! I hope that no one gets disrespectful here!!

    @wyndsong on twitter
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Low Fat Dinner =-.

  4. I don’t talk politics online much at all, because I think on Twitter or on other social forums, it’s just too easy for people to be disrespectful because you’re not face to face. I love what you said here. Everyone has opinions. Every conservative and democrat, whether a “politician” or a “citizen” has pros and cons about their ideology and their personality. The thing is personality is NOT politics, ideology is politics. The media and consequently the social media has gotten too far entrenched in discussing how bad personality traits mean bad ideology and vice versa. This is what I think is degrading our politics. All of this, to say, I’m proud of you for writing this. It’s hard to talk politics with strangers.

    • Very true. I can honestly say I don’t think I ever made it through an entire George W. Bush speech when I had to listen or watch him give it. I read a couple but watch them? Not so much.

      And now I have Living Colour’s Cult of Personality stuck in my head. Thanks for that. :beatup:

    • 🙂 You’re welcome!
      .-= Angi´s last blog ..Planning =-.

  5. JasonSeas says:

    To hit your main point, that is the thing that bugs me the most, and not just in politics but life in general. The thought that people can say and do whatever they want to other people, but when you do the same back at them they get all offended and accuse you of “crimes against humanity” or some other BS. If you can’t take it, well then honestly, you shouldn’t be dishing it.
    That was what made me laugh so hard about the Dixie Chicks and Bush when they made their comments and got offended by their response of their fans to them.
    Same thing in my mind goes for sense of humor. If you cant laugh at yourself I am not sure you should be laughing at other people, especially when its malicious.

    • Yeah, they had every right to say what they wanted to say but I was surprised they couldn’t predict the backlash. But I thought some of that backlash was bullshit as well.

      And when you say “you” do you mean it as a second-person pronoun or you as in me?

    • JasonSeas says:

      I mean “you” as in the second person generalization, not you directly. There are too many people out there in the world that will be mean, tease, or generally ill willed towards people, but when you turn it around on them, they can’t handle it. And I would tend to think that is some sort of result of someone being insecure about who they are them self.

  6. Oh how funny I was having such a similar conversation on FaceBook the past few days. I should say that I am both personally and educationally a student of political science, and as such affiliate with no particular party. I elect officials on beliefs that conincied with my own, and my value judgement of there ability to lead there elected office.

    My facebook conversation stemmed from an argument that stated Health Care is not a right as defined in the Constitution. Per the 10th Amendment the Federal Government cannot provide services that are not specifically laid out in the Constitution because undefined services are allocated to the States and the People, respectively. If the President and Congress want to provide health care, they must pass a Constitutional Amendment first to make it a right and then move forward with legislating how that ought to occur. As of right now, the Law is invalid and ought not to be followed as it is a violation of the Constitution. Proceeding in the shadows the way the President and Congress have thus far made them worthy of recall and impeachment at a minimum.

    To this I could only call hogwash because conservatives current argument using the 10th amendment would be grounds for the impeachment of several previous presidents and congress’s. That interpretation of the 10th amendment assumes that everything from tax code, to medicare, drug laws, federal road and transportation funding, no child left behind, education reform; the list goes on and on and on… are all unconstitutional. The federal government mandates a lot of things and the states don’t have to do any of them. Only thing is the fed’s will withhold funding and assistance. This is essentially why the drinking age is 21 everywhere. Anti- Healthcare advocates can’t pick and choose when to apply this, just because NOW they disagree with health care. If the 10th amendment argument is used and upheld (say by the Supreme Court) than it should be unilaterally applied to all federal law, grants, and programs. Say goodbye to 100% of the federal assistance to everything from grant’s for roads, to actual social programs such as healthcare/medicade. Amy your husband would agree with the gentleman I was talking to about this. In his opinion there should be no Federal programs outside of those mandated by the Constitution.

    And it’s true all of those programs mentioned are unconstitutional. I just don’t like republicans who are running around beating there 10th amendment drum, like it’s something new. That kind of talk really scares the uneducated. They don’t know that the 10th amendment and constitution in general has been broken for years and years. Thus it demonizes the president and the administration when ultimately they are no different than any republican president of the past.

    Also, I’ll just play devil’s advocate. All political ideals have a place in our current political debates. You mentioned Glen Beck who relentlessly attacks the progressive movement that has taken hold in much of our politics. The progressive movement has recently been demonized but ultimately it is not a conspiracy to deconstruct the constitution. Progressive politicians simply follow an ideal as to what is important to them and how to govern people. Just as a fiscal conservative would focus on cutting back on government spending, pay as you go etc, progressives are more concerned with social protections and government regulation that protects (largely) the poorer classes.

    Ultimately all we have is the Constitution which provides guidelines which establish a Republic (not a democracy which many people do not understand) and that Republic is nothing more than the citizenship electing officials to act on their behalf according to (you hope) the same ideals you believe in. If the majority of people elects officials that are progressive, or democrat, or even republican in nature than that is the will of the nation.

    I just get bothered by the tactics used by certain (okay really all of them) parties. The same arguments are constantly twisted and contorted to make people think there is this huge conspiracy to destroy our nation. Rather I believe our nation is acting as a Republic. Politicians and political ideals will continue to debate their sides. Whichever particular political point of view you believe in will win some and lose some. Ultimately though you can only hope that it all evens out in the end. But progressives are not evil. Nor are they wrong. Nor are they completely right. The same is true of fiscal conservatives, constitutional traditionalist, democrats, republicans, it’s all the same. They all have their focus.

    People who get raging made at legislation passed by the other side fail to remember that both in the past and in the future there side will score a couple points. They should be prudent to remember that the other side will be raging, pissed off, made when that does happen. Politics is not a steady stream of linear consciousness. Legislation is passed siding with one side or the other and it swings like a pendulum. We learn from past transgressions, we move forward and correct based on what we learn. Conservatives should do exactly what the president dared them to do yesterday. Get elected and repeal the bill. If they truly believe that is the right thing to do then they can campaign on that stance. If the public (Republic) agrees with that then they will elect officials to do repeal it for them. But his apocalypse scenario, are nation will crumble banter needs to stop. Elected officials need to work the problems and remove the personalities that have entered our political debates. It’s all turning into a soap opera really.
    .-= Meandering Bohemian´s last blog ..formspring.me =-.

    • JasonSeas says:

      Your explanation on the 10th amendment is what gets some friends of mine and me into the biggest disagreement. Some of them believe exactly as you state, if it is not in the Constitution it is illegal and should be repealed, no tax code, no IRS, no department of education, etc.
      The problem is, I agree with that idea to a *point*. But I also think as a nation we need to have some sort of national standard of services, health care, and level of education, therefore some things are needed that one could (and often do) the federal government should not be involved in. The problem I run into in my own logic is that I think the federal government should establish those national standards, but I don’t necessarily want the government to provide them. I think properly setup those needs could be met by private entities and we can be less dependent on our “elected officials” who seem to prove over and over how out of touch they are in what we need and want as the public.

  7. I’m a moderate independent & I think there are people on both sides who should be ashamed of themselves for how they treat their fellow human beings.

    I do want to add that it is a Health Care Bill. Insurance is something that pays only in the case of catastrophe. Homeowners doesn’t pay to replace your carpets, even if they drive your allergies crazy. Auto doesn’t pay to have your oil changed or brakes replaced. They both pay up if a tree falls on the house or car. For it to be health insurance it would only pay if you needed surgery or other treatment. But this bill pays for yearly exams, screenings & other preventative care. That isn’t insurance.

    I don’t know if I am for or against it yet because I can’t tell what it actually does. Both sides are too busy shouting, accusing and spinning for me to make any sense of it . But I can’t imagine a 2000 page bill is full of sweetness & light

  8. Ballsy move, coming out like this, but as you can see, sometimes taking a risk is what it takes for others to connect with you.

    .-= RightGirl´s last blog ..Pirate Radio =-.

  9. *applause*

  10. For the rest of the Commenters here, I’m not in the least surprised by this post.

    What you are about to read is “Opinion”. Mine. You don’t have to like it or even respect it. Mostly I don’t care either way but am often amused when someone is ass hurt by my views.
    I’m not “new” to Politics, I am new to giving a damn. I’ve always figured they every single one of them were dirty and in this for themselves, otherwise who would want the job?
    Then comes this Guy… well what I normally have to say about “the one” borders on treason, but I reserve the worst of it for “face to face” debates, not here on the web.

    That being said, there are many than know me that might respond with “In person is worse?”… Perception is everything… 😉

    So to be fair….
    Sorry, can’t do it. I can tell you how I feel or what I see and I can be 100% honest about it, with no regard for your feelings at all, or I can NOT.

    As a student, sooo many years ago, I was required to take classes in the US Constitution and Government just in order to get out of 8th Grade. I was 2nd in the state of Arizona that year in those classes. I tell you this to qualify my next statement.

    I do not believe in the two party system, not for as long as it take to delete this.

    Balance has been lost.

    I’m an Independent, PURE Independent. A conservative one.

    The Republicans got complacent, they and WE are now paying the price.
    The Democrats were hijacked many years ago by the socialists allowed to exist in our country.

    I know this because my family is and has been life long Democrats for generations.

    My parents were life long, strait party ticket voting Democrats my entire life. I know for a fact they voted against their better judgment a couple of times. (Carter comes to mind) but they “believed” in the system. Then came Clinton. I’m pleased to say my parents are now very happy Independents.

    My kids are independents, sworn to vote for the PERSON, never the party. As is of course myself and my wife. We were careful to teach the kids to evaluate the candidate, their backgrounds, voting history etc and compare them their own belief’s before deciding.

    The goings on in Washington DC today are a perfect example of why we ignore the parties.

    Other parties are no better or no worse than what we have now.

    I’ll make a statement now based on my observations. The Libertarians I know seem to support some kind of Utopian idea of society. This is known as socialism and is unacceptable. Most of these people, unable to get a “real” candidate in place, vote Democrat. (Save some time and join the party.) Others claim to be Libertarians and support a “Conservative” view point. But can’t really explain it. (Ron Paul is not it.)

    I would like to see arguments involving religion or abortion removed from any form of lawmaking. Period.

    My take on these?

    Religion: Hate the stuff. By the way, in my view, religion and church have NOTHING to do with God or Faith. nothing.

    Abortion: Murder, plain and simple. Hiding murder behind the guise of “A woman’s rights” is a sham and should make most women feel dirty.

    Now I get to confuse you. I believe there is a time and place for almost everything. Incest, rape and when the mother’s life is in serious risk are times that I believe abortion is called for. For rape and incest i think a woman should be offered a “morning after” pill (A BIG ONE) on the spot. Note the use of the word “offered”.

    As a conservative I have NO right to tell you how to live, as long as you are doing no harm. THAT is a basic tenant to conservatism. However, I’m not going to tolerate being TOLD how to live because its “better for me or for society”

    Politics, like our various faiths, are a matter of individual belief and morality.

    The US government can not operate without our tax dollars and can not do it’s job. (Like provide for the common defense, building infrastructure and maintaining it, etc etc…)

    Providing health care is NOT their job. Assuring that there are standards to that health care and control’s on price gouging and other unfair practices could be loosely seen as their duty, under limitations.


    Controls on Price gouging and other unfair practices… criminal practices…

    Ladies and Germs, we have solved the Health Care issue and it didn’t cost trillions of $.

    I was one ask (in anger) by an Obama supporter that believes he can do no wrong, “Don’t you think every American deserve health care?”

    No, I don’t.

    There are “Americans” that don’t deserve the time of day.

    If you are a productive member of our society, a contributing member, then the rest of us should do anything we can to get you BACK to work and back to your pursuits.

    If you and yours have been sitting on your ass waiting for a check from me and mine, from us producing members, for generations, I’ll not and never have done a thing to help one of you, even your children.

    You have no excuse.

    Now that’s “fair”.

  11. Luckily I’ve had managers that drilled into me life’s not fair, so I don’t expect it. Interestingly, after I read the book, Thank You for Arguing, I found it easier to understand why things that don’t seem fair are simply following a different set of rules (for example, character trumps emotion trumps logic.) It’s been eye-opening and I wish I had the playbook long ago.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..My Top Ten Lessons In Life – Ali Hale =-.

  12. Admission…
    I have (or sometimes had – depends on the day) an odd Glenn Beck fascination/crush.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Because Clearly I Am Losing My Mind =-.


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