Oliver Now Sleeps in a Toddler Bed

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Last night was the first night Cara slept in her full sized bed and Ollie slept in Cara’s toddler bed.

That’s right.

When we want to screw up the equilibrium of our household, we do it all the way, baby.

Tucker kept asking if I wanted him to go ahead and take the crib down and I kept telling him no since I was expecting an epic fail and didn’t want Tucker to have to put the thing back together. I think he thought I was sad to see the crib go and I will admit I was a tiny bit surprised I wasn’t sad at all. It’s just another step and the boy can’t sleep in his crib for the rest of his life.

I would have posted pictures of the bed but I already did back in 2008 when I wrote about Cara moving into the toddler bed. It’s strange to see her Ollie sized when, just last night, I tucked her into a full sized bed. Also, that Cara from 2008 said about four words and the Cara of 2010 makes up complete stories about marrying boys and starts just about every sentence with “You know what?”

We’ve decided Ollie and Cara are ready to take separate baths – “separated baths” as Cara says – since there is very little room in the tub once both kids and all of their toys are tossed in. Not to mention the random squawks and bitching that occurs when Cara pours water over Ollie’s head or Ollie decides to take a toy Cara is mangling.

Separated baths [heh] is a great idea in theory but the practice seems to be falling through. Cara insists Ollie should take a bath first since he’s younger and inevitably, about three quarters through Ollie’s bath, Cara decides she’s changed her mind and wants to take a bath as well. And that’s fine and it’s become our messed up routine for the past week.

Last night, partially separated baths were given and I tucked Cara into her brand new bed and we read her “chapter book“. Her little CD player was tuned to a local rock station and kisses were given.

It should have been a peaceful way to fall off to sleep except for the fact Ollie was crowing from his room in protest over the fact Tucker thought it was time for Oliver to go to sleep and the very obvious fact Oliver didn’t agree with his father.

By the time I had Cara in bed, Tucker was at his wits’ end and I took over.

I’m sure part of the racket was partly due to Oliver’s new found freedom since he could simply get out of his bed now instead of standing at the crib rail and griping at us. Another part of it was also due to the fact his crib was gone and his room looked just a bit different.

At any rate, I put Oliver on his pillow, put his baby doll he filched from his sister next to him and covered him up.

And then I ducked since the baby doll was launched precariously close to my head.

After about ten minutes of that noise – literally noise since he was screaming at me and telling me to “STOP!!!” – I kissed his sweaty forehead and told him goodnight. I walked out of his room to earsplitting screams and shut his door.

Ten minutes of door whacking/knocking and “MOMMA!!!” later and the boy was asleep. We’re still not sure if he slept in his bed or if he slept in his floor but this morning, at the regular time – about 5 am – more knocking was heard and when I let him out of his room, he walked straight into our room and demanded to be put up on our bed. He nursed for a few minutes and shortly thereafter, his sister came stumbling into the room, bleary-eyed and demanding breakfast.

Today was a day for demands apparently.

But you know, for a first attempt at Oliver sleeping in a new bed, he pretty much rocked it.

I can only hope tonight is as successful…though hopefully a tad bit more quiet.



  1. Congrats to Ollie on a successful first night in the toddler bed!

    (I didn’t feel sentimental when our youngest moved out of the crib either. In fact, I was the one that took it apart because my husband wasn’t getting to it fast enough!)
    .-= Earth Muffin´s last blog ..My brother is such an idiot. =-.

  2. Glad to hear that it was a success!
    .-= Domestic Extraordinaire´s last blog ..flashback Friday-The Easter Tradition =-.

  3. Congratulations to you for successfully putting Ollie to sleep in his toddler bed for the first time. Although, I’m not sure if he had a goodnight sleep and you either. Kids, especially boys act crazy sometimes for all the firsts in their growing years. It is apparently normal, we just have to bear with them most of the times. Don’t worry, like Cara, he will definitely like the new changes in his room after a few days. For the meantime, just be patient.


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