Steve Carrell and Laughing at Ranch

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It’s amazing what there is to write about when I actually get out of the house.

On Friday, I met with a psychologist to talk about medication for mah crazy.

First off, the guy didn’t shake my hand. Maybe I’m weird, but when I first meet someone, especially in a professional setting, I expect my hand to be shaken. And not that limp fish stuff. I want a firm – but not bone snapping – handshake. It’s a sign of respect. I know some guys are old fashioned and when presented with a woman, the guy isn’t supposed to offer his hand first. That’s the woman’s job.

I extended my hand, he looked at it and then turned and walked into his office.

Dude looked like a faded Steve Carrell. His clothes were a monotone grey. His pants could have, at one time, been a navy blue but when I met him, they were grey. All that grey was odd…depressing.

And then there was the fact he kept looking from his computer, to his desktop clock and then to his nails. When I think someone is strange, you know they are.

We discussed my background and medications I’ve taken. He asked about recreational drug use. When I told him, “Well, I smoke and drink…” he sat forward and his eyes got this crazy “I’ve got you now!” glint.

What do you smoke?”

“Um…don’t you mean ‘How much’ do I smoke?”

“No. I mean what do you smoke.”


“And what else? Have you ever been arrested?”

“All I smoke is cigarettes and NO I’ve never been arrested!”

At that, he leaned back in his chair, looked at his computer and moved the conversation along, seeming just a tad bit disappointed.

Ten minutes later, I left his office feeling just a bit weirded out by the whole experience.

Yesterday the kids and I were all feeling a bit stir crazy and I took them to the park.

Those kids played for two hours and weren’t ready to come home even though all of the slides had reached the scald-on-touch point.

They had a blast. Can you tell?

Last night was just a regular night. Nothing special happened and sometimes, that’s the best gift evah.

Ollie cracked us up with the joy he was obviously feeling because of the sound the Ranch bottle was making. Stereotypical boy much?

And last but not least, I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking if I’m going to BlogHer in August. The short answer is: I don’t know.

I have a sponsorship proposal out and am waiting to hear back about that but if that falls through then I definitely won’t be going. With b5 killing the writing contracts for the site I was writing for, we just don’t have the spare cash required to send me to New York.

Cross your fingers.

Image/Amy Tucker