Grammar Nazi

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I’m one of those especially annoying people who correct what other people say. The compulsion isn’t as bad as it used to be – now I usually just correct stuff in mah head.

I blame that compulsion on my mom because she’s an easy target [Hi, Mom!] and she isn’t nearly as good as me at correcting people in her head.

Growing up, she constantly corrected me if I misspoke which now is great since I tend to speak like correctly and stuff. Now writing? That’s a whole other topic.

For instance, inanimate objects can not smell. They can stink. They can have a pleasant odor but the DO NOT SMELL. They have no nose. Get it?

And when you use a thermometer to see if someone has a fever, you’re not seeing if they have a “temperature”. First off, OF COURSE they have a temperature. Even if they were dead and frozen, they would have a temperature…a very low temperature. What you mean to say is you’re going to see if they have a fever. That’s what you meant, right?

Also? Whom is an oft unused, yet wonderful, word. Example of proper usage: For whom the bell tolls. See what I did there? Not only did I use whom correctly, but I also referenced an American classic by a prolific drunk and a kick ass Metallica song. That’s like a triple word score or something.

And semicolons? Do not fear this noble punctuation. It is your friend and it only wants to help make your sentences better.

All time favorite quote from The Oatmeal’s guide on how to use a semicolon:

Godzilla is a misunderstood creature; beneath his raging desire to set people on fire and eat them lies a gentle giant who just wants to cuddle.

What led to this mild mannered rant?

This video which is made of sparkly win and awesomeness. You’re welcome.


  1. This was terrific. I never saw the head-shot coming. How foolish am I?
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Bee-dazzled, Bee-witched, and Bee-wildered =-.


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