Family Reunion and a Rude Nurse

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Since Heather has been nagging me, I’ve decided to come out of hiding for a short post since I know you’ve been missing me.

You don’t have to admit it – I know these things.

This weekend is my mom’s annual family reunion. Mom’s one of seven – now one of six – and we have a large, dysfunctional, wonderful family. The thing is, every family reunion, drama occurs, feelings are hurt and at least one person ends up crying [sometimes multiple people].

But, every year, I subject myself to this punishment and bitch about it the whole time under my breath hoping no one hears it. Unless of course it’s one of my many cousins who also curse under their breath. You can spot us quite easily since we all tend to congregate away from everyone else.

We’re not exactly anti-family reunion. We’re more…anti-family drama and spending more than three hours/day with family who we haven’t seen in a year.

At any rate, I just had a rather unfriendly conversation with the nurse who is part of my “treatment team” – I just gagged a little.

I increased the dosage of my medicine. Slowly and with much consideration and the dosage has been working for me. Rather well, actually.

My counselor was completely cool with the increase and she was happy that I found something that worked. I informed the nurse and was chastised, not once but twice, for increasing my medication without calling and maybe it was her overly condescending tone or the amount of huffing that seemed to punctuate the conversation – hers, not mine – but I couldn’t get off my phone fast enough.

I’m supposed to call back on Tuesday and see if the shrink – who I don’t care for – approves of me increasing the dosage on my own and is willing to refill my prescription even though I run out of the pills on Thursday and that’s if I cut down to the originally prescribed dosage.

Also, I’m pretty sure I accidentally hung up on the nurse.