Preemptive Father’s Day and Anniversary Post

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This is the last weekend Tucker will be here for a couple of weekends since he’s heading to Key West to fulfill his “two weeks a year” shtick for the Navy Reserves. He’ll be gone for Father’s Day and for our anniversary.

Since this weekend happens to be Father’s Day – specifically Sunday – and since I’m not necessarily so keen on my father, I figured I’d showcase my kids’ father. You know, a combined preemptive Father’s Day/anniversary post.

Might as well get it out of the way.

Reasons why Tucker rocks:

  • He’s taller than me which means he makes me feel feminine and stuff even though I tend to cuss like a sailer and have a habit of acting like “one of the boys.”
  • He’s smart. I consider myself no slouch in the brains department and of all the things I find attractive in a potential mate, intelligence ranks at least in the top ten…maybe even top five.
  • He puts up with my shit. That’s right. I said it. While he dishes out just about as much as I do, he does take a lot. That’s nice of him.
  • He’s ambitious. I could not live with someone who was willing to settle with their current station in life. Even if it’s raining money, and rum and Skittles®, there’s always a better place to be and something to work for. He gets that.
  • He lets me talk about the Internet. And he only occasionally rolls his eyes.
  • He lets me talk about Twitter. This is a whole nother kettle of fish from the generalized “Internet”.
  • He lets me talk about The Sims 3. The man has absolutely no interest in this particular game and yet he acts like he’s listening when I ramble on as I’m want to do.
  • He gave me two sometimes awesome kids. I guess this should be at the top of the list and I should say our kids are ALWAYS awesome but this list is in no particular order and if you’re 100% honest with people [and more importantly yourself] you’ll admit your children are not ALWAYS awesome. Just sayin’.
  • Even though he likes to act like a hard-ass, he’s actually a big softy.
  • Even though he’s a big softy, he’s into guns and survival and all the G.I. Joe type stuff…which is kinda hot.
  • In the event of a zombie apocalypse, he’d totally have my back.
  • He says he’s awesome because “he took in a poor lost girl with no direction and gave her direction – with no thanks, might he add – and we had an awesome family and he’s the king of the world.” Pftt. Nothing more needs to be said.

All in all, I guess he’s not a bad guy to keep around.

“Dad” Image/Flickr Tucker & Kids/Me


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