Spring in Huntsville

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Today was one of those wondrous southern spring days when the weather promises you the entire day is going to be 70 and by mid-day, you

realize the weather was lying to you as the sweat rolls down your back.

Since it was such a beautiful day and the kids had a raging case of cabin fever, I packed a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some sippy cups of water and we headed to the park at the end of the Indian Creek Greenway.

Cara was determined to “meet new children” and Oliver was just happy to be out of the house.

The second I put my vehicle into park and surveyed the playground, my stomach did a bit of a flop since the place was crawling with not only kids, but also their moms. Moms in tight little circles. Many moms in workout leggings and tank tops. Almost all of them in full makeup.

What in the world had I gotten myself into?

Once we had crossed the parking lot and I gave Cara the go-ahead, Cara took off at the closest approximation of a sprint her little legs could muster.

Oliver, not to be outdone, chased after his sister and his face and the ground quickly became well acquainted. I dusted him off, removed the landscaping mulch from his nose and mouth and plopped his “fisherman hat” down on his head.

Though I didn’t think it possible, I quickly forgot about the other moms and their interesting choice of playground attire and focused on playing with my kids and preventing any falls from elevated locales.

For two hours straight, those two kids played their tiny butts off and I forgot to worry about what anyone might be thinking about me or what someone might say.

I just enjoyed the beautiful day and my laughing kids and forgot everyone else.

I love spring in the South.

*This was originally posted in April on Deep South Moms but Deep South Moms is closing and we were all told to grab our posts if we wanted to…so I did.*

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