Ingredients: Rice, Water and Cell Phone

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I gave my phone a bath last night; I thought the phone was stinky.

Not really.

More like the phone slipped off of my shoulder as I was testing the temperature of the kids’ bath water.

Down it went.

In truth, it slid into the water and down along the bottom of the tub – the screen still lit and my call still connected.

As I made a mad grab for the thing – missing it several times – I kept thinking I had no other way of getting in touch with anyone except for that phone…which I had just murdered by drowning.

What was the first thing I did after I pulled the body from the water? I called Alana back to let her know I hadn’t hung up on her.

The water from the phone was dripping down to my boob as I assured her I wasn’t being rude. Actually, the first thing she said to me was, “You dropped me in the bathtub, didn’t you?”

Right as I was about to tell her I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, I heard some sizzling noises emanating from my phone. Even if you know nothing about electronics, you inherently know sizzling of any kind is NEVER a good thing to hear coming from your phone. Waffle iron? Sure. Phone? Nope.

And as I’m sure you can guess, the damn thing went black and I succeeded in hanging up on Alana twice in about five minutes.

Operation Resuscitation began immediately.

Into a gallon Ziploc went the broken down phone along with a butt ton of uncooked rice. The rice works as a desiccant and wicks away all of that circuit board killing water. I would take a picture of the setup but I only use my phone’s camera and it would be mighty hard to take a picture of the phone while the phone is taken apart and is sleeping in a bag of rice.

Unless I had magical abilities. And you can be damn sure if I had magical abilities I wouldn’t be wasting them on taking a picture of my phone in a bag of white rice.

At last test, the phone was having some emotional issues but I was able to get a call out to Tucker. The phone is still resting comfortably in the rice and I plan on leaving it there until tonight. To get me by I’m using Skype and email.

Now that I think about it, I’m more bummed by my lack of magical abilities than I am about the phone. I have this sneaking suspicion that’s not exactly normal.