Ingredients: Rice, Water and Cell Phone

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I gave my phone a bath last night; I thought the phone was stinky.

Not really.

More like the phone slipped off of my shoulder as I was testing the temperature of the kids’ bath water.

Down it went.

In truth, it slid into the water and down along the bottom of the tub – the screen still lit and my call still connected.

As I made a mad grab for the thing – missing it several times – I kept thinking I had no other way of getting in touch with anyone except for that phone…which I had just murdered by drowning.

What was the first thing I did after I pulled the body from the water? I called Alana back to let her know I hadn’t hung up on her.

The water from the phone was dripping down to my boob as I assured her I wasn’t being rude. Actually, the first thing she said to me was, “You dropped me in the bathtub, didn’t you?”

Right as I was about to tell her I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, I heard some sizzling noises emanating from my phone. Even if you know nothing about electronics, you inherently know sizzling of any kind is NEVER a good thing to hear coming from your phone. Waffle iron? Sure. Phone? Nope.

And as I’m sure you can guess, the damn thing went black and I succeeded in hanging up on Alana twice in about five minutes.

Operation Resuscitation began immediately.

Into a gallon Ziploc went the broken down phone along with a butt ton of uncooked rice. The rice works as a desiccant and wicks away all of that circuit board killing water. I would take a picture of the setup but I only use my phone’s camera and it would be mighty hard to take a picture of the phone while the phone is taken apart and is sleeping in a bag of rice.

Unless I had magical abilities. And you can be damn sure if I had magical abilities I wouldn’t be wasting them on taking a picture of my phone in a bag of white rice.

At last test, the phone was having some emotional issues but I was able to get a call out to Tucker. The phone is still resting comfortably in the rice and I plan on leaving it there until tonight. To get me by I’m using Skype and email.

Now that I think about it, I’m more bummed by my lack of magical abilities than I am about the phone. I have this sneaking suspicion that’s not exactly normal.



  1. I put my iPhone through the wash a couple of months ago. Shock, loss, devestation… I put mine in rice too and left it for a couple of days. It started working again at that point but the display still looked strange for another week or two. It still isn’t perfect, I have to press some of the buttons super hard to get them to work and about half the time I sound like I am really far away when I call someone. I’m just glad it came back to me at at all. Hopefully your phone will too!

  2. Actually the first thing you’re supposed to do is remove the battery…

    (sheepishgrin) Oh…yeah….Apple. 😉

    Truthfully if you can keep the power off while it’s wet it’s a simple matter of drying it out. On any “normal” phone i would say pop the back cover off of it and hit it with a blow-dryer set to warm.

    Oh…yeah…Apple. 😉


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