Laws of Illusion

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When I was in high school – probably my Junior year – I met my “first love” and fell just as hard and thoroughly as one would expect.

And, as is almost always the case, it didn’t last and I was a wreck.

I sulked.

I cried.

Basically, I reacted much the way I figure most girls react when they have their hearts ripped from their chests, thoroughly ground into a bloody pulp and then spit on.


Too over the top?

In addition to all of that wailing and gnashing of teeth, I developed this [most likely unhealthy] habit of listening to music that made me even more upset and sad than I was before the music session.

One of my favorite go-to, sob inducing CDs was Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan. Do What You Have To Do was my go-to song.

Video’s below and first off, notice the thing’s live at a concert. Second thing to notice is how damn good it sounds and third thing to notice is just how freain’ sad it is.

That CD began my love affair with Sarah McLachlan…though I guess I should just say my love affair with Mirrorball since that’s the only CD I own of McLachlan. The only one I owned until One2One sent me a copy of Laws of Illusion*.

I’m fairly certain I’ve found my new Do What You Have To Do song. It’s called Forgiveness. You can watch a live performance of it below.

The thing about McLachlan is she has a hell of a way with words. Though I guess that’s kind of obvious…she does make her living doing this whole singer-songwriter thing. Some might say it’s too personal or self-indulgent but it’s right up my alley.

Laws of Illusion is a CD I’ve listened all the way through several times and I still like it. Some songs are more dear to me than others but I like them all. If you’re a fan of Sarah McLachlan, I highly suggest it.

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  1. I love love love Sarah McLachlan!
    I had several of her first albums, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was my favorite. There are no bad songs on it!
    Her new songs seem like classic Sarah McLachlan, which is nice – I’m glad time has not changed her sound.


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