Here’s to Not Crying

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We go to pick the kids up tomorrow.

Actually, we head to my in-laws’ tomorrow and then we take the kids home on Saturday.

This week has blown by.

Like it feels like the week hasn’t even happened. Like where the hell did the past five or six days go? I say five or six because I don’t feel like doing simple math…on my fingers.

I was A-OK until yesterday when Tucker and I admitted we miss the kids but we weren’t/aren’t quite ready to have them back.

And then, earlier tonight, my father-in-law said Cara told him she “missed her family”. Granted, this was after she got her butt in trouble for saying something along the lines of she was going to do whatever she wanted. And I have no doubt her fists where firmly planted on her hips while she said that.

At any rate, she misses us. That’s good, right?

Maybe my real fear wasn’t whether or not I was going to miss my kids but whether or not they were going to miss me?

I did yoga today as an activity thing. Kinda fun. Kinda kicked my ass. Tucker lent me his yoga mat so I don’t have to be all up on our super cool rug. The rug that sheds worse than a long hair cat.

After the yoga thing, I cleaned. Really cleaned. I did three or four loads of laundry [don’t judge], cleaned up the baked dirt [don’t ask] and scrubbed the kitchen and I even cleaned and vacuumed the kids’ rooms since I figured I might as well have them start with a clean slate. Their rooms look awesome right now. I should take a picture or something.

Did I mention I gave my phone a bath?

I’m too lazy to go back and see if I wrote about that. There is a point in here somewhere. Oh. Yeah. The only way I can take a picture of the kids’ rooms is with my phone and though it usually works, my phone has this obsession with the number three. As in it randomly dials the number three. That’s a ton of fun when you’re trying to check your voice mail. For those readers who aren’t too swooft, that was sarcasm.

So. Yeah.

The apartment is all sparkly and stuff. We see the kids tomorrow and I’m scared to death they won’t be happy to see us. I’m also scared I’ll cry. Because I’m pretty sure that will freak the kids out. Will Ollie recognize me? I know Cara will but Oliver’s younger. Even as I write this I realize how stupid I sound but I’m still worried.

We’ll see. Hope my kids missed me.



  1. Oh they missed you and they’ll prove it by testing all the limits when you get them home. It’s how they feel secure or something.
    Not my favorite characteristic of my minions.

  2. awe

    also (testing testing)


  1. Amy Tucker says:

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    I just wrote this: Here’s to Not Crying – We go to pick the kids up tomorrow. Actually, we head to my in-laws’… http://ow.ly/189YPX

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