My Butt Hurts and I Get to See My Kids

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I get to see my kids today. Yay!

And I can type that without being sarcastic.

Sure the house is really clean and tidy. Sure the kids’ rooms look like they have been set up for a photo shoot or something. Dinners have been eaten later than they’ve been eaten in almost four years. We actually watched TV that didn’t include any cartoon or puppet characters.

But I’m ready for them to come back and screw it all up again.

This week has been nice and it’s passed way too fast. I’ve felt closer to Tucker this past week than I have in I don’t remember how long. The week’s proven to me that kids really are hard on a marriage. We got so wrapped up in the day-to-day routine and with the chasing of our tails and children that we forgot we’re the cement/baling twine/velcro/stuff that holds this whole circus together.

Yay us!

I said yesterday I did some yoga. I apparently acquired some new back/butt muscles.  It’s a good kind of pain…that sounds weird doesn’t it? I’m hoping this will take some of the excuses away – though I doubt it will. Cara is all about doing her exercises [which cracks me up] and I don’t think Cara would mind me popping in the yoga DVD for 20 minutes.

We’ll see once those pesky kids get home.

So. Yeah. Basically all I have to say today is my butt hurts. I thought you should know.



  1. A week alone with Tucker and your butt hurts… uh huh!


  2. I am sorry, but am I the only one to notice that you did two vibrator blogs and followed it up with one titled My Butt Hurts?

    • I starting to think I should redo that title. Hmm…but then my perma links would be all messes up. 😀


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    I just wrote this: My Butt Hurts and I Get to See My Kids – I get to see my kids today. Yay! And I can type that wit… http://ow.ly/18aw2C

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