The Kids are Home and Will It Blend?

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What did I do this weekend?

Tucker and I trekked to Arkansas and picked the kids up. And the kids missed us. Which was cool. We got home last night, the kids went to bed with little fuss and as I’m typing this, Tucker’s fixing them lunch [Note: I’ve been writing this all freakin’ day.] and the kids are singing together. It’s an odd and kind of sweet picture.

Especially since I get to view it whist sitting on the couch. I’m just sayin’.

I’m also watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. Love this show. The magazine is a racket but the show rocks. They’re making a triple layer chocolate mousse cake. Yum. And I don’t even like chocolate that much.

Another thing I’ve been doing today – other than breaking up fights which is par for the course – is watching YouTube videos and rereading Stiefvater’s Shiver. [If a book’s really good then it will be just as good – and maybe better – the second time.]

You can’t read the book with me…well…I guess you could if you have it with you and you’re on page 138. Just watch the videos. That’s easier. But if you’ve read Shiver, I’d be more than happy to talk about it. A lot. Comment so I’ll have an excuse to ramble about the book.

OK. YouTube videos. Have I told you about my obsession with the Will It Blend? series of videos on YouTube? If I had the time and desire, I’d post all of those videos here but that’s pointless since you can just go to their channel. These aren’t all of my favorites, but they’re pretty awesome.

Basically these are just time sucks. Cause I don’t want to work on this book. Cause I’m lazy.

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  1. I’m dying to read shiver 😛

    My child is crazy today…. putting rubber bands around his waste as a holster. And we’ve been painting pigs.

    I need a drink, perhaps one from a blender….

    • Every time I watch one of those videos I wish they would blend some actual food after they demolish an iPhone or something. Just to prove it still works. Is that weird?

      And you should go out and buy Shiver. Totally worth it.


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  2. Amy Tucker says:

    I just wrote this: The Kids are Home and Will It Blend? – What did I do this weekend? Tucker and I trekked to Arkans… http://ow.ly/18bPWt

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