How Do We Break the Sugar Addiction?

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Everyone has their favorite foods.

Tucker could live on ice cream and pizza. When those two things are placed in front of him, he eats it all no matter how much is there.

My weakness is meat. If I were an animal, I would be an alligator or something. All that meat just heading on down to my swimming pool.

Oliver loves the meat too but I suspect his weakness is green beans; he’s an odd cat.

Cara is her father’s daughter; she loves sweets above all else. She will cut ya for a piece of cake. I’m only half kidding here. This is the kid who ate EVERYTHING when we lived in Florida. Granted, she was a small fry then and hadn’t turned into this almost four year old hellion.

Now, every time I ask her what she wants to eat, I get, “I want something sweet!” I never thought those four words would infuriate me so much.

Drives me crazy.

In fact, she went to bed last night with no dinner because she didn’t want to eat the red beans and rice I made; she wanted the pineapple upside down cake. The cake I made a couple of days ago and Tucker cut into it before I had a chance to flip the damn thing.

He now understands why it’s called a pineapple UPSIDE DOWN cake and not a Let’s Cut Into this Cake Before It’s Cool and my Wife Flips It Over.

We’re trying to eat better around here. [I know, I know. I write that right after writing about the Pineapple Upside Down cake but I rarely make cakes. Promise.] Heck, I’ve even started growing basil and thyme so I can have fresh herbs. Yay, me!

Today she’s eaten her cereal for breakfast, some Natural Vines Strawberry Licorice[1] for a snack even though I told her they wouldn’t fill her up cause they’re a treat and she’s had some Crystal Light because she now refuses to drink plain water.

She will still eat some “healthy” things like skinless chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, corn, raw carrots and lots of different fruits. I keep telling myself this is just a phase and kids won’t starve themselves but fits she throws when she’s denied are SO loud and SO annoying that I’m to the point I just wanna hand her over to Willy Wonka and be done with it!

Oh, yeah. It’s that bad.

To add to my paranoia and general state of annoyance, I found this article[2] today entitled Fructose Sugar Makes Maturing Human Fat Cells Fatter, Less Insulin-Sensitive basically says fructose sugar will give kids fat bellies:

[…]when fructose is present as children’s fat cells mature, it makes more of these cells mature into fat cells in belly fat and less able to respond to insulin in both belly fat and fat located below the skin.

If you have kids, did they pull this crap? Did they eventually start functioning like normal human beings? If not, please take pity on me and lie.

Cake Image

  1. [1]This is an affiliate link and I was sent Natural Vines to try and got to eat maybe five pieces since Ollie and Cara ate the rest. They’re yummy, best licorice I’ve ever had and contain ten ingredients with no fructose. Sweeteners used: cane syrup, sugar and brown rice four. Beet juice is the coloring agent. I took a tiny bite of the black licorice and spit it out. It was the best black licorice I’ve ever had – didn’t kill me with anise – but I hate black licorice so I’m a bit biased against the stuff.
  2. [2]The Endocrine Society. “Fructose Sugar Makes Maturing Human Fat Cells Fatter, Less Insulin-Sensitive, Study Finds.” ScienceDaily 21 June 2010. 22 July 2010


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