Word of the Day: Dacryon

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dac·ry·on[1] [dak-ree-on]

–noun, plural -ry·a [-ree-uh] Anatomy .

  • The point of junction of the maxillary, lacrimal, and frontal bones.
[Origin: 1875–80; < NL < Gk dákryon a tear (var. of dákry ); see dacryo-]

To be extremely blunt, if you have this your face doesn’t fall off. You don’t have this, you won’t want to look at yourself in the mirror. Though, now that I think about it, I wonder if you would be able to look at yourself at all since I suspect without the dacryon[2], your eyes would fall out.

Not that I’m going to test that hypothesis. I suspect that could get messy and I don’t enjoy cleaning.

How do I know all of this interesting information ready made for cocktail conversations?

I took two semesters of Human Anatomy and thought the word sounded like the name of a dinosaur. I may have the short-term memory of a retarded goldfish – Seriously. I’ve been tested and my shrink laughed at that one result. – but I can remember some weird words.


  1. [1]“dacryon.” Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 23 Jul. 2010.
  2. [2]You can see a diagram of a skull by clicking this nifty link. You’re looking for “d”.


  1. Cool. As an artist, I have to admit to a certain jealousy over his talent and his ability to render that drawing, freehand, as he does. Wow.

    • I found the video and then started trying to think of a “d” word that could possibly go with it. The guy almost makes me wish I could draw.


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