Pre-Review of Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology

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This is a sponsored post for which I’m being paid. Yay! I’ll also receive a sample of Wisk here in the next few days. As always, I write what I think about a product [1]and this post is a pre-review thing to let y’all know what’s up and introduce you to what I’m going to be doing. If I remember correctly, there will be four posts total between now and October – I think that’s when it ends.

I started washing my own clothes around the age of eight.Wisk Deep Clean

Two reasons for that: tossing clean clothes in the hamper due to laziness and complaining about my clothes being “stiff” from whatever stain pretreater mom used at the time. The smell was also…weird. I don’t know another way to explain it.

I suppose I was pretty good at washing my clothes, well, as good as an eight year old who can barely see into the washing machine can be. I refused to use the stinky pretreater and my clothes took on a dingy look but at least my clothes didn’t smell weird.

Now that I have kids, I’m met with the same stains I dealt with when I was younger: the grass, the dirt, the peanut butter and the chocolate syrup. And then there’s the whole issue of Ollie injuring himself every five seconds and bleeding all over stuff.

Some stains come out. Some stains don’t. I try to rip the clothes off the kids the second they get something on them and then dump some of the detergent I’m using now on the stain and then I cross my fingers it works.

You do the same thing, don’t you?

If you don’t, those stains set in and you’re stuck with them until the clothes get given to Goodwill.

I’m hoping Wisk saves me some trips to Goodwill since it has this new fangled Stain Spectrum™ Technology that’s supposed to target: carbs, proteins and oils. According to them, most stains fall in those three categories and they claim:

It doesn’t matter which […] stains you encounter, new Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology  is the solution to tackle them all.

We [meaning I] shall see.

I’d say they’ve come a long way from this…

to this, wouldn’t you?

  1. [1]Review Policy page


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