36 Favorite Android Apps for Samsung Captivate

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I told you about dropping my Samsung Propel in the bathtub whilst checking the water temperature, right? Maybe I didn’t but I’m too lazy at this moment to go back and check. I took the phone apart, tossed it in a Ziploc bag full of uncooked rice and crossed my fingers the phone could be resurrected.

The phone DID work but had this fixation with the number three. Ever few seconds, it would spontaneously dial 3 which made leaving voice mails a real bitch.

I wasn’t scheduled for a phone upgrade from AT&T until 2011 and so I was stuck with said possessed phone. Tucker, being the knight in shining armor [or whatever] he is, offered me his upgrade and we decided we would pay full price for the iPhone he wanted. Plans changed when we stopped in the AT&T to look at the Samsung Captivate. You learn something everyday and what we learned that day is you can upgrade early if you pay a $75 fee. I walked out with a beautiful phone that wasn’t possessed. The Captivate is a full fledged “smart phone” comparable to the iPhone – maybe even better. Lots of features on the phone I love but this isn’t a phone review. Like the iPhone, you can download apps for the Captivate and here’s the list of apps I hold near and dear and you should too. I’ve broken them up into subgroups for ease of scanning.

Favorite Android Apps[1]





Abduction! – You’re a bouncing cow with a mission to save your herd from the aliens. Really.


Air Horn – Not really a game, per se, but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun.


Paper Toss – It’s exactly what it sounds like. You toss a wad of paper into the trash can. Your nemesis is a fan bent on blowing the paper away from the can.


Steamy Window – You know how you draw pictures in the steam on the mirror after you get out of the shower? Now you can do that on your phone. Blow into the mic to get more steam.


Talking Tom Cat – I despise this app. Cara and Ollie LOVED it. They win. They outnumber me. You talk to the ugly gray cat, it records what you say and then says it back to you except about three octaves higher. You can also pet it and pull its tail.


News and Info:


BBC NewsCNET, CNN, Dictionary.com, Drudge Report, Fox Business, Fox News, NY Times, NPR News, TMZ, USA Today, The Weather Channel




Handy Stuff You’re Gonna Want:

Adobe Reader – Every now and then, you find a person who likes to annoy you by making a link a .pdf document. This should help.


Advanced Task Killer – The Captivate “multi-tasks”…kind of. You’re going to end up with a lot of things running on your phone because you’re going to forget they were paused and next thing you know, you’ve got thirty things up and then you’re all like, “WFT?!” Use this app to assassinate stuff you don’t want running. Just uncheck stuff you want to keep alive.


Antivirus Free – Sometimes good phones go bad. This app scans what you’re doing and keeps your phone on the straight and narrow.


Barcode Scanner – Well…it does what it says: it scans barcodes of tons of stuff. This should probably be one of the first things you download. You can also scan these things called QR Codes like this one:


Bubble – Because you never know when you need something level.


Bump – Think “fist bump” but with phones. And you transfer data. Bump your phone and their phone together and you can exchange photos and contacts and all kinds of cool things. Works with the iPhone too.


Fxcamera – Takes your Captivate’s 5mp camera and makes it even cooler. Examples:




Toycam mode

Polandriod Mode

Polandroid mode


Google Search by Voice – You’re too lazy to type in your search. Say it instead.


Photoshop.com Mobile – A pared down version of the real thing. Easy to use.


Ringdroid – Make yourself some ringtones.


Shake – Uninstall – Easy as could be. Open up what you want to kill and then shake the crap out of it while holding search. All gone.


Microsoft Tag Reader – You’ll see Tags a lot in magazines and your barcode scanner doesn’t like them one little bit. Get the Tag Reader so you can access the cool bonus content.



Useful Stuff and Social Media:


The Coupons App – To save stuff as favorites, you have to upgrade but the free app is still pretty sweet. Find all kinds of local stuff and just present your phone to get the discount.

Discount Calculator – For those of us who are mentally slothish when it comes to math.

Epicurious Recipes – Yum! More than 28k recipes at your fingertips. Choose a meal time, a main ingredient or look at the recipe of the day. You can even make a shopping list for whatever you’re making for dinner.

Official Facebook App – Maybe there’s a better Facebook out there but I don’t use Facebook a whole lot and I like this one just fine.

Nook for Android – I have to give Tucker credit for this download’ he grabbed it while he was drooling over my phone. I have been considering the Nook anyway and having the baby version on my phone convinces me I need the daddy version.

Official Twitter App – Again, I’m sure there are probably better apps out there but I’m A-OK with the official Twitter Android app and I have over 6k followers. If the Twitter app can keep up with me, I’m pretty sure it can keep up with you.

Where’s My Droid? – How many times have you turned your phone on silent and then lost the thing? With this app, you set a word you can remember and then borrow someone’s phone and text your number. Silent mode’s switched off and the phone starts ringing. If you use the “donate” version then you can send a text from your computer via email. For full instructions, check out the Where’s My Droid instruction page.

So. There’s my list of apps I’ve downloaded twice now. Twice because I had to wipe my phone about an hour after I got it – I made the mistake of importing all of my Gmail contacts. Don’t do that. Trust me.

Hope this helps when you get your Captivate or whatever it is you get.

Edited to add: If you’re having issues with the Captivate not syncing with Kies, here’s what you do:

  1. Menu button on the far left
  2. Settings
  3. Applications
  4. Touch “Samsung Kies” – On my phone it’s at the very top.
  5. Now try to connect your phone to your computer via your USB cable.

Video explanation with sweet stop motion:

  1. [1]In no particular order


  1. Great list! I have an Evo and haven’t heard of most of these. Of to go check them out now…

  2. check out the jigsaw puzzles for the kids. They are the slide square types & they have a tone of themes – scooby doo, lego, batman, pokemon, etc. They eventually go up enough levels the squares aare 6×6 which is a bit much for the kids but fun for me.

    I’m going to have to get that Photoshop one

  3. PhineasPoe says:

    Shoot U! Is a lot of fun and there is a free version so you can try it out first. I like WeatherBug for weather, use it on my Evo and my iPad over the Weather Channel app. Vignette is a great camera app. Really like all the filters, borders, etc it gives you to play with.

    Android has a lot of options for streaming music: Slacker Radio, Last.fm, Pandora, the iheartradio app, and the Sirius XM app (my favorite). Listen bu Google is a good podcast app. And, speaking of Google, Google Sky Map is a blast, Google Goggle and Shopper are both useful. Places Directory Is very cool, especially when paired with Map and Navigator. I actually get GPS included with my data plan but I’m starting to prefer Google’s Navigator over Sprint’s (which is powered by telenav).

    The IMDB app is great not just for remembering who was in your favorite tv show and the other normal IMDB tasks but also for finding movie times and reviews, watching trailers, etc. I prefer it to the Flixter app as I like the UI much more.

    Gowalla is really nice if you like the geo-social apps. Tweetcaster is a really nice Twitter app. Touiteur is actually my favorite but it keeps crashing on me. Twicca is a nice minimalist alternative as well. Tumblroid is a great Tumblr client.

    If you use Google Tasks to keep up with your todos you can’t do much better than GTasks. Works exactly the way it should and syncs perfectly. If you’re not partial to Google Tasks then Astrid Tasks is probably the way to go. Simple, elegant and very nice tomlook at.

    I like the stock browser under 2.2 but if you haven’t updated yet Dolphin Browser HD and Opera are both very nice. And, if you use Mint online then the app is a no brainer.

    One of the first things I did on my phone was replace the keyboard and there’s really only one way to go: Swype. It’s closed and you have to sign up and be admitted but it’s worth it. Once you start swyping you won’t want to go back to pecking. I used Thickbuttons while I was waiting to get Swype (and my wife still does).

    • Swype came on my phone and I just had to enable it. I remember seeing a YouTube review of the Captivate and thinking, “There’s no way in hell I’ll ever use that. That Swype thing’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

      And, now? I don’t ever type things out unless I’m having to “teach” my phone a word. 😀

  4. PhineasPoe says:

    I forgot Evernote but you shouldn’t. Great app.

  5. Thanks for sharing the great list with us! Here are a few more apps we recommend: Seesmic, Foursquare, Facebook, Grooveshark, Stitcher, Hootsuite, and Pandora.

    Hey from @SamsungEsteban and @SamsungTweets 🙂

  6. So saving this list, since I’m definitely getting the Captivate one of these days (like when they drop in price 😉 so I can do that $75 early upgrade fee and pay for the phone, LOL)

    • If you haven’t gotten a Captivate yet, wanted to let you know I just did and paid that fortune for it and then my son told me he saw one at Radio Shack for $69 new, not refurb. grrrr….I told him he should not have told me that. lol but all in all I’m really happy with my Captivate.

  7. PhineasPoe says:

    Nice! I definitely prefer Swype.

  8. A couple of my favorites (other than the ones you already mentioned – most of those went on my phone immediately when I had to rebuild it)

    Layar – I’m not even sure how to explain this one without leaving out something. Pick a layar to browse – say, Wikipedia if you’re in the city or WorldPeaks if you’re near some mountains – and point your phone in a direction. Suddenly, crazy amounts of information about what you’re seeing is available.

    Locale – Allows you to set conditions for your phone’s behavior based on location, time, who’s calling, and battery charge. For example, if there’s a movie theater you visit a lot, you can set your phone to vibrate and dim – when you’re there it behaves as set, when you leave it automatically reverts. I’m still waiting on them to build in the “send this person straight to voicemail when they call during these hours” feature, but hopefully that will be forthcoming.

    I haven’t had to use the paid version of Where’s My Droid to send email to my phone to activate it – if I send it in both the subject and the body, it activates my phone. GPS My Droid is awfully handy too.

    On a slightly related side note, GMail now has a Labs feature that allows you to SMS through chat.

  9. And I forgot to mention, Flashlight. Pretty self-explanatory.

  10. is there a app store bubble on the phone or do i get them of the web. are some of them free.

    • There is a native Android Market app on your phone.

      All of the apps I’ve listed here are free and you can customize your search on the Android Market to only show apps you can get for free.

  11. I have had my captivate for about a week. Totally love the phone! Didn’t know about some of those apps will have to download a few of those. : )

    • The phone’s just going to keep growing on you; you’ve been warned. 😉

      I’m going to do another list here soon with just entertainment apps like media players, games and book readers. Hope to see you back soon.

  12. Thank you so much! I am very confused by this new phone. I can’t play music on it, I’ve tried Doubletwist, but it doesn’t work. Do you have any other suggestions? You have put some cool Apps out there that I never would have known to look for! Thanks! Happy Holidays!

    • Pandora will stream music straight to your phone and the default music player is pretty sweet. You can just move your music over from your hard drive to the phone via the supplied USB cord.

    • MelanieRancourtNutile says:

      @Amy This was posted awhile ago but just a tip. Mcloud is my all time favorite app. It takes the music from your computer (iTunes playlists etc.) puts it in a cloud and you uploadall your music on your captivate(or whatever). Best part 2 gb storage free. I have 800 songs and still have space. Oh ya, does podcasts too!

  13. With all the doggone snow we have gotten recently I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. 🙂

  14. Alina says:

    Have you considered applying to be a magazine writer?

  15. JoJoBrowndog2 says:

    Looks like I see lights on the front of my Captivate that should blink when I have a message or missed call. However, it does not blink. Can it? Does it?


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